Buy WoW Classic UBRS Piloted Runs - Screenshots included

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Our booster will log on your account and clear UBRS. He will show screenshots for each clear and for loot that drops.

x3 UBRS Piloted Runs

x3 UBRS Piloted Runs

Screenshots and loot rolls - save 7€
x3 UBRS Piloted Runs

Our booster will complete x3 UBRS runs and prove it through screenshots. He will roll on loot.

UBRS Piloted Run

UBRS Piloted Run

Screenshots and loot rolls
UBRS Piloted Run

1 UBRS run - proven through screenshots. The booster will roll on loot.


Upper Blackrock Spire 10-man raid

Upper Blackrock Spire can be considered as the end-game of the dungeon gear progression in Classic -- it has it all. Some of the best blue (rare) items in the game, such as the Truestrike Shoulders or Briarwood Reed, but also is the objective of many different quests chains - either for gear rewards, or as a part of the attunement quest chain for Onyxia or Blackwing Lair.

You might have been able to tackle Stratholme, Scholomance or Dire Maul with just a couple of friends of guildies, but Upper Blackrock Spire requires a bit more of a tactical approach. A legendary player, which even appeared on national news… didn’t quite have the patience for all the tactics to be explained, and assignments to be done. A hero of World of Warcraft, known as Leeroy Jenkins had a different idea on how to do the raid.

UBRS can be incredibly hard to pug - even though the loot drops are high in demand, it becomes very difficult to create a group in order to guarantee that you will receive the rare drop. This discourages a lot of players from even trying to acquire items such as Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian or Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge. These remain Pre-Raid BiS for Rogues and Fury Warriors alike until Molten Core, and wielding this pair of Swords will pretty much guarantee you an invite to a good raiding guild! The reason behind it is, if you’re a Rogue, in a 5-man dungeon scenario you can easily configure the group to your needs: avoid inviting players of the same armor type, and there’s a very good chance that you’ll be the winner of the item. For UBRS, it’s an entirely different story. More likely than not, there will be several competitors for the Dal’Rend’s Swords, and items such as Truestrike Shoulders and Briarwood Reed. Casters and Healers will be after the trinket, and really any sort of Physical damage dealer will go as far as to ninja loot the incredibly rare shoulders!

Why should I buy a 10 man UBRS raid boost?

If you’re tired spending an hour, or more, trying to organize a group, only to disband shortly, Blazingboost has the solution for you! If you’re looking to target a specific item, speed up your leveling or just gear up in general, our services can save you lots of time! Purchase a dungeon run of your choice, Piloted, or in Selfplay!

From leveling greens, to dungeon gear and eventually dungeon BiS, or Pre-Raid BiS, are significant steps in character progression in Classic.

Having Pre-Raid BiS, meaning that your gear is absolutely the best before any raid loot comes into play, is almost necessary to be considered by any guild, or a raid group as a new member in their roster. Pre-Raid BiS displays that you have committed the time, and the effort, to optimize your character and be ready for the toughest encounters. This, of course, shows that you’re a team player but also that you’re independent - that you’re able to take the matter into your own hands and optimize their character to the best of their ability.

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