Blackwing's Lair Classic WoW Boost

Attunement and Raid Clear

Blackwing's Lair is here very soon! You can get attuned already.

BWL Attunement

BWL Attunement

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BWL Attunement

We will complete the BWL attunement for you.


Blackwing Lair - Raid and Attunement

Blackwing Lair is the long awaited raid, being opened in Phase 3 in Classic WoW. Many players experienced Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair as ‘introductory’ Classic raids, but not many have eperienced BWL first hand. This is where you will get to complete your tier 2 sets and venture into the not-so-well-known raid.

Such sets are, for example, Bloodfang Armor, which inspires fear and awe in the opposing faction. A Rogue wearing this hood, after opening with a cheap shot, pretty much signals that their enemy is dead in a matter of seconds - unless they’re well geared too! Some of the other very distinguishable sets are Judgment Armor for Paladins, or Nemesis Rainment for Warlocks. These sets are competitive performance wise with AQ40 gear, which will become available 2 whole phases away! You’ll be using this gear for a long time.

Many of today’s Classic players probably tried playing on some of the private realms, and perhaps cleared Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair, but only few got as far as Blackwing Lair. Phase 3 will be introducing new content that a lot of the population never experienced, so this is the perfect time to get into raiding in Classic WoW.

What are attunements?

Attunements usually come in the form of a key - typically for dungeons, but for raids, they present themselves as quest chains. You need to be close to level 60 to be able to make ANY progress on these. For some parts of the quest chains, you need to venture to UBRS and it’s very difficult to get invited unless you’re level 60 already.

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Why should I buy a Blackwing Lair boost?

If you had no luck finding an appropriate guild for you, or you don’t have enough time to raid, but you’re still looking to keep your character up to date, our Blackwing Lair boosting services are designed for you! Our boosters have years of experience, and know these encounters by heart.

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If you’re looking to become even more prepared for Blackwing Lair, consider acquiring your pre-Raid BiS set. Having Pre-Raid BiS, meaning that your gear is absolutely the best before any raid loot comes into play, is almost necessary to be considered by any guild, or a raid group as a new member in their roster. Pre-Raid BiS displays that you have committed the time, and the effort, to optimize your character and be ready for the toughest encounters. This, of course, shows that you’re a team player but also that you’re independent - that you’re able to take the matter into your own hands and optimize their character to the best of their ability.

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What are the options?

Our services come in two different options: Selfplay, and Piloted services that involve account-sharing. Account sharing is always risky, but we did our best to provide the best protection on the market, using our signature Software: Safecarry.

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