1-300 Engineering Prof Kit in WoW Classic Era

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 1 hour - 3 days delivery

Service info


We will trade you a profession kit for 1-300 Engineering. This service is completed without any account sharing.
Our provider regularly has a kit available, but it may be possible that he needs some time to put some materials together. Due to this, the delivery is flexible and can take a couple of days.

The concept of 'kit' corresponds to all the necessary materials that your character needs to max the profession. We will trade you the mats or send them to you via email. This is completely safe!

Requirements / Rules

No Specific Requirements! Available on any realm.

  • What happens after purchasing?

    We need you to please add us on BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. Afterwards, we will create a group conference on Discord with your booster.

  • How will you pass me the kit?

    In most cases, we email the kit to you in game with all the materials that you need to reach the max rank.

  • What if the kit is unavailable?

    If we cannot get a kit together and the ETA has been doubled, we will be obliged to refund you. 

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