One Gathering Profession to 300 in WoW Classic Era
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Your order will have priority and our booster will be online for longer through the day!
Get another profession to 300 (Gathering) discounted!

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 2-4 Days (Flexible)

Service info


We will level your Mining, Herbalism, Skinning or First Aid to 300 in Classic!
This service requires account sharing and at least a level 40 mount, and level 60 for your 300 skill.

Requirements / Rules

Level 60 Character

Level 40 Mount (otherwise it would be too slow)

  • What happens after purchasing?

    We need you to please add us on BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. We will pass you your Safecarry software license and start looking for a booster. 

  • Is the 'Priority' concept reliable? How does it work?

    Priority and Super Priority means that a booster has to play a lot more hours per day - his hourly ratio does not really change. These orders are assigned to boosters who are supposed to be faster as we already know them or they have completed a service in the past. In case of problems, we will compensate at level 60 to make sure you have not paid extra money for nothing. 

  • Am I safe with Piloted services?

    We are unable to guarantee you total safety. Blizzard has showed attention to account sharing activity at the start of Classic in 2019; it depends on what they want to focus on. That's why the Order a Character system is safer due to ONE account sharing moment - the delivery.  The good news are that the suspension reports are scarce and only of 30 days and it's almost impossible to be caught just for leveling up a profession. 

  • Who is going to boost me?

    We are using boosters who have completed a lvl 60 service already in the past years of Classic, or that regularly work with us on Shadowlands. New recruits are interviewed before being assigned a service and are closely monitored to make sure they perform. In case of problems, we will calculate a compensation or find another booster. Blazingboost is always on your side. 

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