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Specific Items or Random Loot choice

We will complete Tribute Runs with you and let you loot the chest.

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Specific Dire Maul Tribute Item

Specific Dire Maul Tribute Item

Until it drops!
Specific Dire Maul Tribute Item

We will complete Tribute Run chest runs until your desired item drops. As many as it takes!

x3 Dire Maul Tribute Runs

x3 Dire Maul Tribute Runs

Save 5€
x3 Dire Maul Tribute Runs

x3 Tribute Runs. All chest loot is yours. No account sharing required.

Dire Maul Tribute Run

Dire Maul Tribute Run

Loot the chest!
Dire Maul Tribute Run

All chest loot is yours. No account sharing required.


Gearing in Classic WoW

Gear, and gear sets are pretty much the defining feature of Classic WoW. Unlike Retail, the path of progression is very clear for pretty much every single class and role. Experienced players know the value of each and every item throughout different tiers and phases of Classic. With that said, items acquired from dungeons, and the rewards from dungeon quests, remain very powerful, and sometimes optimal, well into raiding.

What is BiS and why is it important?

Best in slot, or commonly abbreviated as BiS, is a kind of an item, or a piece of loot, that remains the strongest possible option for a specific item slot. Best in slot lists, or BiS lists, are one of the many reasons players are drawn to Classic. It feels amazing to finally get the item you’ve worked so hard for, compared to the feeling of a random Titanforge in Retail.

Why should I buy a gear boost in Classic?

Dungeons in Classic can be extremely long and complicated. There are no in-game maps, so one can easily get lost, even if they’ve done the dungeon a couple of times. If you join a dedicated group, and you’re not really sure what exactly to do, it can be really embarassing. Let our dedicated boosters do the nasty farm for you! Buying a Pre-Raid BIS gear set at Blazingboost can save you countless hours of pugging.

Having Pre-Raid BiS, meaning that your gear is absolutely the best before any raid loot comes into play, is almost necessary to be considered by any guild, or a raid group as a new member in their roster. Pre-Raid BiS displays that you have committed the time, and the effort, to optimize your character and be ready for the toughest encounters. This, of course, shows that you’re a team player but also that you’re independent - that you’re able to take the matter into your own hands and optimize their character to the best of their ability.

But if you’re looking to get a head start on your adventure at level 60, and enjoy some of the Pre-Raid BiS farm by yourself, or with your friends, our Dungeon Gear set is the perfect option for you! Forget about leveling green items. Having rare dungeon items will increase your performance drastically.

How can I get dungeon BiS gear on my character?

In our roster, we have plenty of boosters passionate for the timeless Classic dungeons and recognizable atmosphere and pulls. They will propel your character towards top performance quickly and efficiently.

If you have a level 60 character, and you would like to save yourself the time from spending hours looking for a group in the world chat, trying to win a roll of numerous items, purchase a Dungeon BiS gear serivce at Blazingboost. You can add it as a feature on your Order a character service!

HoJ - Hand of Justice

For some of the Pre-Raid BiS items, even though they are rare (blue),there simply are no viable replacements, even from raids! The perfect example is the infamous HoJ - Hand of Justice, deeply desired by any melee DPS.

Having a HoJ equipped shows that you are a dedicated player who only wants the best for their character! If you’re only a couple of pieces away, and perhaps you’ve completed dozens of Angerforge runs, our dedicated boosters can help you complete your BiS set!

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