Build your new Classic Account in WoW Classic Era
Extra Options
aWe will send you the character with 2k gold in its bags.
We will send you the character with 5k gold in its bags.
We will send you the character with 10k gold in its bags.
We will max out the skill of two professions of your choice.
We will complete the attunements for all the Classic raids (MC / BWL / Naxxramas)
We will max out the weapon skill on two weapon types of your choice.
This is only available for Mages, Warlocks, Priests and Druids! We will earn Atiesh, the Legendary Staff from Naxxramas.
We will clear MC, BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas for you before delivering you the character. At least 5 raid items are GUARANTEED from the total of these raids.
We will unlock the Epic Mount riding skill for you.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: Flexible according to chosen options

Service info


We will create a new account under your own data. Our booster will then get level 60 and deliver you the account once all the options have been fulfilled. You can write in the order note which professions you want or leave any extra details that we have to be aware of. 
If you choose Atiesh, we may have to choose a specific realm to make sure the Staff is earned as quickly as possible!

Any gold will be delivered to your character with the deathroll (casino) system BEFORE the delivery.

Requirements / Rules

- We will need your main battle net's info (name-surname; date of birth; country of residence) to create a copy account as yours.
- This service entails the payment of two subscriptions! You are getting a new account to play on. 
- The completion time starts once the character is created.
- Once the character is ready, you will be able to log the new account after 2-3 days. This will justify traveling and won't look like obvious account sharing. 

  • What happens after purchasing?

    We need you to please add us on BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. We will coordinate the process to create a new account with your same data together. 

  • Am I safe with the Order a Character system? Why can I not transfer to my main account?

    Order a Character is definitely safer than Piloted leveling, as the account is created by our booster and there's no initial account sharing activity. There is only ONE account sharing moment - the delivery (which is when the booster stops playing and you login for the first time).  We have not seen a suspension for Order a Character services since October 2019, and it was only of 30 days. If anything ever happens (almost impossible), we ask you to keep in perspective that saving 200hours of leveling is always convenient. 

  • Who is going to boost me?

    We are using boosters who have completed a lvl 60 service already in the past years of Classic, or that regularly work with us on Shadowlands. New recruits are interviewed before being assigned a service and are closely monitored to make sure they perform. In case of problems, we will calculate a compensation or find another booster. Blazingboost is always on your side. 

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