WoW Classic Profession Farming to 300

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Our booster will log your account and farm until you get to the required profession skill. Crafting professions require the appropriate gathering one unless you allow us to spend gold (some will be farmed).

All Secondary Professions to 300

All Secondary Professions to 300

Bundle! Save 40€
All Secondary Professions to 300

Bundle: Cooking+Fishing+First Aid to 300!

(Secondary) Fishing/Cooking to 300

(Secondary) Fishing/Cooking to 300

Account sharing
(Secondary) Fishing/Cooking to 300

We will level your Cooking, Fishing or First Aid to 300 in Classic.

One Crafting Profession to 300

One Crafting Profession to 300

Acc sharing
One Crafting Profession to 300

We will get a crafting profession to 300 for you!

One Gathering Profession to 300

One Gathering Profession to 300

Acc Sharing
One Gathering Profession to 300

We will level your Mining, Herbalism or Skinning to 300 in Classic!


WoW Classic Professions

Skinning, Herbalism and Mining are some of the most popular professions, even for raid geared characters. They allow you to make gold on the way as you’re enjoying different Classic zones - whether you’re farming a reputation, or you’re engaging in World PvP action! These professions can also directly supplement a crafting profession of your choice. Gathering professions are an absolute necessity for some Dire Maul gold farming runs which yield very impressive results. The infamous jump runs or Tribute runs are truly a hallmark of solo gameplay - both skill and efficiency.

Why should I buy a profession boost?

Gold, or the ability to make gold is of tremendous importance in Classic. If you would like to be competitive in Raids, or PVP, you will require a lot of consumables and therefore a lot of gold. It is worth mentioning that enchants in Classic are A LOT more expensive than they were on Retail. This means that, if you’re looking to have an optimized character, you will need to farm a lot of gold.

Buying a profession boost will enable you to participate in the in-game trade within Classic WoW. At Blazingboost, we can help you skip the annoying part and become a gold making machine with a profession boost of your choice.

Purchasing or adding a profession to your character at Blazingboost can save you tens of hours of tireless grinding. If you already have a max level character, you can purchase a profession level up done on YOUR CHARACTER. These services are conducted by using Safecarry, which is a state-of-the-art software for your account protection.

Having a good amount of gold when you reach level 60 will give you a head start, allowing you to enchant your gear or prepare yourself with consumables and therefore giving you the best odds towards achieving your dream Classic character!

Tailors, especially cloth-wearer tailors have access to amazing crafted items, which remain very strong or even BiS throughout most phases of Classic WoW! Of course, they craft bags needed by every main and alt which is a fantastic way to make gold. Alchemists are able to create daily transmutes which is an easy way to make gold of tips, just by being in your factions capital city. Leatherworkers, much like tailors, if equipped with the right patterns, can craft fantastic items. Blacksmiths can craft maces and axes that remain in our memories as some of the most epic items from Classic WoW - not mentioning the epicness of the Lionheart Helm, one of the most prestigous items a plate wearer can use.

Engineering tends to be the most popular profession for most classes in Classic WoW, especially for all things PvP! Not only is it a DPS increase to be an engineer, but it grants you the ability to do AoE damage which is especially important for classes that have limited AoE. Enginners have access to very cool consumables, that practically become a part of your own spellbook: such as bombs, zappers, awesome trinkets, and other perks.

Should I buy a profession kit, without account sharing?

Leveling up a crafting profession can be as simple as crafting a Linen Bandage. You don’t need to spend ten, or even more hours, farming low level zones that you have visited too many times.

This service is completely done in Selfplay, which means that there is no account sharing at all! Our registered booster or a Freelancer will meet you at your desired location, and trade you all the materials required to max your profession to 300. If you want to be extra safe, you can trade him a symbolic amount in gold!

Check your realm’s availability for a profession kit of your choice!

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