WoW Classic Selfplay Leveling Boost

Hourly Rental Boost from a lvl 60. Complete any activity.

Complete any activity, from leveling to farming anything you like, with a level 60.

Check availability of your realm and faction
Selfplay Lvl 60 Rental - 1 hour

Selfplay Lvl 60 Rental - 1 hour

Complete any activity
Selfplay Lvl 60 Rental - 1 hour

You will play with a high level character of our roster.


WoW Classic Leveling with a level 60 in the group

Our Selfplay Rental services allow you to hire a max level player to help you with anything you might need! From difficult quests to dungeons, our roster of hundreds of boosters across many realms and factions will be there for you!

Most popular ways to use these services include runs through Scarlet Monastery and Zul’Farrak. These are the best ways to help speed up your leveling process, but you also get a TON of gold and items on the way! This is the safest way to have your character boosted in Classic too - includes no account sharing, and really, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Dungeon boost runs are incredibly popular.

Perhaps you need to farm a reputation, and need to kill hundreds and hundreds of mobs. Depending on your class, this can take a REALLY long time. This is the dreaded part of Classic which throughout the years evolved into something else. Back in the day, MMO’s were a lot grindier and some of these feats were designed for the most hardcore players. Nowadays, it’s very common for everyone to have their characters fully optimized, but not everyone has the time to farm furbolgs or elementals to acquire the necessary reputation.

Another great way to make use of this service is for Dire Maul Tribute runs for amazing pieces of loot: honorable mention would have to be the Tarnished Elven Ring, which is a must have for pretty much any Melee DPS, or the infamous Dire Maul jump runs which is one of the best ways to farm gold in the game! The loot rules will be set to Free-For-All, and all you need to do is follow our booster, and mine veins and collect herbs on the way. Dungeons are often home to rare herbs and ores in high concentration.

Gold, or the ability to make gold is of tremendous importance in Classic. If you would like to be competitive in Raids, or PVP, you will require a lot of consumables and therefore a lot of gold. It is worth mentioning that enchants in Classic are A LOT more expensive than they were on Retail. This means that, if you’re looking to have an optimized character, you will need to farm a lot of gold.

Some players enjoy participating in the WoW economy, but playing the auction house requires you to have a starting capital. You have to spend gold to make gold, and our Selfplay rental services are the perfect way to start! It’s also completely safe!

Why should I buy Selfplay Rental boost?

If you’d like to sit back and relax and watch the experience bar get filled with an experienced max level player in your group, clearing the dungeon for you, then this is your perfect choice!

Select your realm and faction and select the type of boost you’re looking for: ‘FFA’, which includes anything related to dungeon runs or questing, or ‘Gold farming’ which will match you with the optimal class required for these types of services.

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