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Selfplay Leveling to 19 (Gear Included)

Selfplay Leveling to 19 (Gear Included)

A lot of loot
Selfplay Leveling to 19 (Gear Included)

Play with a lvl 60 and get to 19. Quick experience and gear.


WoW Classic Professions

Skinning, Herbalism and Mining are some of the most popular professions, even for raid geared characters. They allow you to make gold on the way as you’re enjoying different Classic zones - whether you’re farming a reputation, or you’re engaging in World PvP action! These professions can also directly supplement a crafting profession of your choice. Gathering professions are an absolute necessity for some Dire Maul gold farming runs which yield very impressive results. The infamous jump runs or Tribute runs are truly a hallmark of solo gameplay - both skill and efficiency.

What are Twinks?

If you’re new to World of Warcraft, or you’re not familiar with the term, it might sound a little weird. But, Twink have been around since Classic and it’s always been a popular playstyle. Essentially, a Twink is focused on PvP: duelling, battlegrounds, even World PvP at a lower level, most commonly at level 19, or level 29. In short, twinks are incredibly geared low level characters

Much like level 60 characters, Twinks also have clear BiS-lists. The objective is to max out the twink by completing dungeon quests for dungeons that they wouldn’t normally be able to do - for example, Blackfathom Deeps is very difficult for a group of level 19s to do. In turn, the rewards for those dungeon quests seem more appropriate for a level 25 or even a level 30. Nevertheless, a twink can benefit from those items greatly and will use them mostly in PvP.

It might seem fairly straightforward on how to gear up a twink, but in reality, it’s very tricky. The reason behind it is that the twink character player needs to be careful not to get too much experience. This means that if you’re looking for a particular item drop for a dungeon, and perhaps you get unlucky, you might overcap on experience and hit level 20 when you’ve really wanted to be a twink at level 19! Dungeons are scattered all over Azeroth, even for low levels, so one needs to be careful and calculate the experience from the most minute events, such as exploring a new part of the zone.

Another problematic part of the twink process is that the required items are often in hostile zones. If you’re an Alliance player, you will probably need to visit Wailing Caverns in order to complete your BiS set. And, if you’re Horde, you might need to venture into the Deadmines. If you’ve never leveled a twink before, you can easily make a miscalculation and your time and gold investment could go to waste!

Different Twink classes shine in different areas, and they have recognizable roles. Battlegrounds can be played at a very high level of organization and preparation, even in the level 10-19 bracket. Warsong Gulch is a favorite battleground of many PvPers, and we are eagerly awaiting the release of Arathi Basin in the later phase for even more Twinking action in the level 20-29 bracket!

Rogues are known for their ability to one shot undergeared players, and Hunters are notorious for the very lack of counterplay their opponents fight when attacked. Priests are versatile and an incredibly strong supporting role - other DPS will love you, and won’t be able to imagine a battleground without you!

Why should I buy a twink boost?

We will make sure your twink is fully optimized and ready. Buying a twink boost at Blazingboost can save you a lot of time, and even gold! Our boosters will calculate every step of the way and cap the experience at level 75% towards the next level, so that you’re able to explore Azeroth on your twink if you so desire.

Order a Twink now via the ‘Order a Character’ system at Blazingboost!

Twinks are recognizable brawlers in popular dueling areas such as Durotar and Dun Morough, sporting their engineering goggles and expensive BoEs. Having a Twink is another great and fun activity in World of Warcraft - if you want to enjoy some PvP action but your level 60 character isn’t geared enough, a Twink might be the right option for you!

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