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Account [EU] - 23 300 Achievement points (S2 Legion Gladiator) + 75 Titles (Loremaster / the Insane / Salty etc.) + 284 Mounts (Swift Spectral Tiger / Invincible etc.) + 341 Pets + 235 Toys + 1x Level 60 Character & 6x Level 50 Characters


Rare Transmog:

Mage - S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7 Legion & S1 SL Elite PvP sets + MoP CM Gold set + Frost/Fire Mage Tower Appearances

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker & Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings


Tabard of the Achiever / Competitor's Tabard / Tabard of Summer Flames / Tabard of Summer Skies / Tabards of the Shattered Sun / Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade / Ferocious Tabard

Enchants: Void Edge / Wraithchill / Coldlight / Titanguard etc.


Note: Note: The entire transmog is account bound - in wardrobe / transmog tab (NOT physically in bags/bank). Discount codes are not allowed for this product.


Requirements / Rules

Rare Titles

[Conqueror of Azeroth][Bloodsail Admiral][Loremaster][the Beloved][the Insane][Salty]

Rare Achievements

[Gladiator][Just the Two of Us: 2200][Three's Company: 2700]

Rare Mounts

[Swift Spectral Tiger][Fearless Gladiator's Storm Dragon][Swift Razzashi Raptor][Invincible][Fiery Warhorse][Rivendare's Deathcharger][Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank][Astral Cloud Serpent][Ashes of Al'ar][Experiment 12-B][Onyxian Drake]
  • How does this exactly work? What happens after purchasing?

    After the purchase, we will need you to please add us at BlazingBoost Accounts #9154. The procedure differs if you are buying a character or an account.

    For accounts, we will give you all the login info. For characters, you will have to create a new account and receive the character from our seller. There are specific FAQs on this topic if you scroll down a little, so you can be ready for a quick delivery!

  • Can I trust you?

    The best answer to this question is our Trustpilot at

    We have been in business for many years and you can shop with a peace of mind, as you can see what people think of our support and service experience. What makes Blazingboost stand out is the expertise in handling an issue – we will not run away from responsibilities and if you encounter a specific issue that falls within our very clear Terms of Service, we will never deny a refund or a new account. Our goal is to turn you into a happy customer who thinks positively of the experience you have had when chatting with our support or through the delivery process. 

  • What is the procedure if I buy a character? 

    We sell both. Please picture this:

    Account A = The seller’s own account with the seller’s name and surname
    Account B = The new account that you will create with A’s name and surname
    Account C = Your own account on your own name-surname

    When you buy a character from Blazingboost, you will have to create B. You will be able to play on B.
    We provide the name-surname to use (the email, secret Q&A, etc is up to you) and the Shadowlands/Gametime for you to play on B right away. 
    After B is created, the seller will transfer it from A. The A->B Transfer works only because the names are matching on the two accounts or at least the last name (surname).
    This new account is going to be “empty” except for the new character you will receive.
    Transferring from this new B account to your own main C account is usually impossible. Please do not buy a character expecting to play it on your own main account – it is simply not part of what you are buying. 

  • What is the procedure if I buy a whole account?

    If you buy an account, you will receive access to the full Battle.Net account of the seller. This includes any other games that the account may have. You will be able to change the email, password, and have access to the secret Q&A. You can also change the secret Q&A afterwards or hide the owner’s name in the BattleTag, creating a new Battle Tag indeed. In short, it is possible to totally reset the account’s identity!

  • Is an buying an account or character safe?

    We would not be selling them if we were aware of a concrete and constant risk. After years of being in business, we can confirm that following our guidelines and keeping a low profile does make the transaction safe, ensuring that you can start anew in World of Warcraft and have a blast with a new character or account.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    The procedure itself takes 30 minutes or less! The whole delivery usually takes 1-36 hours. The ETA is slightly flexible because the seller has to be here to pass all the information or to initiate the transfer (A -> B in case of characters). Seeing as we have a lot of ways to reach out to our sellers, the procedure is usually over in a few hours. If the seller is not answering even on the phone, we will face the situation together and find a solution. Refunds are certainly possible if we aren't able to give you the account you originally chose.

  • Do I get the owner's ID?

    This is not included in the delivery for privacy reasons. We will assist you in case the ID is ever needed and do our best; you can always contact us to receive assistance if it’s in our power.

  • Do you cover all costs? What is included?

    If you buy a new character, we will cover ALL the expenses, including the game license, gametime (30 or 60 days according to the availability), the transfer from A to B, a character realm change, and a character name change. Everything is included because these services are part of a cross-account transfer.

    If you buy an account, we will add gametime on it in case it has none! This is gifted by us. For the rest, there simply are no expenses – you gain access to the owner's former account and the delivery is far simpler.

  • If I buy a character, will all of the titles, Transmogs, mounts, achievements, etc transfer with the character from A to B?

    This is a very delicate topic. You can contact us on our Livechat or on Discord to receive as many details as possible, as our operators have access to all the rules for specific rewards (such as Artifact Mage Tower rewards and more).

    To give you a brief overview here, in general, all titles and achievements earned on specifically on that character will transfer – ‘original earners’ carry almost every reward with them even during an account transfer! This is going to be clarified in the character’s description on our website.

    However, there are a few exceptions. Mounts, for example, become account-wide when they are earned/right clicked, and they will not follow to B. The same goes with Transmog gear that is not physically present in bags/bank/void storage but only in the wardrobe. 

    If you need specific help on this topic, contact us. However, as a general rule, what is exactly written and advertised in the description is expected to be on the character you are buying.

  • What is a 'TRANSMOGGED' tabard? I don't understand it.

    Firstly, we always make sure to write in the description if a tabard is 'transmogged'. It can happen with rare tabards like Gladiator or TCG tabards.

    If they are 'transmogged', this means they are applied as transmogs to basic guild tabards. This means the basic tabard, transmogged into a rare one, will be only usable on THAT specific character. The appearance will not be account wide and it will not even be in the wardrobe.

  • What is an 'Equipped Transmog'?

    Similar to transmogged tabards, this corresponds to gear that has been transmogged to other items/sets that are not physically present on the character - they are not in bags, bank or void storage.

    Example: any recent Epic Raid gear transmogged to T3 Naxxramas gear. In this case, we would say ‘Equipped Transmog’ in the description – this means that the T3 gear is not physically present in bags/bank/void storage of the character you're buying. 

    Therefore, you will not have those T3 appearances in your wardrobe to apply on any other piece of gear! With patches and expansions, gear becomes outdated, hence why you could use that transmogged epic raid gear with T3 'equipped transmog' for Roleplaying purposes. You cannot apply it anymore on other future gear you may earn.

  • Why should I purchase this service instead of a boost?

    The explanation is simple. Characters or accounts are usually cheaper than the cost of the boosts that you would have to buy to gain a character of that same value.

    The delivery time and the process itself is a lot faster and easier than for boosts. You buy, and you enjoy the character/account right away. No waiting time! Imagine buying a Gladiator boost or buying an account that already has Gladiator. It’s just a different story.

  • Do you trade accounts?

    No, unfortunately, we don't for an internal policy. We've had bad experiences in the past.

  • What guarantees do I have when buying from Blazingboost?

    We guarantee the account you are buying from us for a lifetime. If you lose access to it for a fault that is not yours (this will have to be proven), we will give you an account of the same original value.

  • I would like to resell the account to you and buy another one, can I do that?

    Yes, contact us privately once this will happen. Please do not expect the same value.

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