Rank 1 boost - Eternal gladiator

Rank 1 is very difficult to obtain, but there are various ways to earn it!

Top 0.1% of the 3v3 ladder + 50 wins above 2400
gladiator mount
Eternal gladiator title

Earning Rank 1 is possible in various ways.

If you are an experienced player, Rank 1 is absolutely possible through our Coaching service. Playing with pros can bring amazing results. In the worst case, you will at least get Gladiator.

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With this service, you can play a set amount of hours in 2v2 or 3v3 with Rank 1 players, Tournament Players, or Celebrity Pro players. The price changes according to the skill level of your coachers. After purchasing, we will create a Discord conversation with the coachers and you can shedule a day to play together.

Trust us: Blizzcon champions will let your rating skyrocket.

Alternatively, our Accounts section and Title Guarantee system can be perfect if you want to be recognized in the community as an amazing player. You can either purchase a premade account or character, or we can build a fresh new one for you.

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Our Accounts section is full of single-characters or Accounts that come with the most amazing PvP rewards of the last years.

They are very convenient, as you can find characters with many Gladiator mounts at the price of one!

Title Guarantee consists of booking the preparation of a PvP character, which we will give you access to. This is a safe way to make SURE you have access to a Gladiator mount, title, or even a Rank 1 title.

Are you interested in a Piloted boost, or do you want to discuss your Road to Gladiator? We will contact you!


Our Discord for this department is "BlazingBoost SL#2022" You can add us if you wish, but please sen the request too!

How do you protect my Privacy?

We always keep a low profile. We never use our customer's account for anything outside of the boost they request, in case of pilots. However, seeing as Gladiator and Rank 1 boosts are likely to be completed without account sharing, we will make everything look as legit as possible in game. We will develop a relationship with you and say that you are a friend, and not a customer.

Is there a risk my account will get blocked?

Selfplay and Coaching services have never given us any issues. We trust them.

Why is the “100% Title guarantee” a bit expensive?

The difference is the obligation we have to prepare your character, together with the keys and gametime cost. Moreover, our booster will have to level up and gear up.

How do refunds work for Title services?

For all the details please see our Terms of Service. Our terms feature all the details you need and show a refund policy for every potential possibility and consequence of their boost. Our old policy for Piloted Gladiator and Rank 1 boosts was a partial refund in case of a disqualification. If you decide to aim for Gladiator or Rank 1 by playing with our players, we cannot guarantee you results, but quality gameplay with our professionals. For Title Guarantee services instead, we are obliged to fully refund you in cash if we fail to prepare you the character by the end of the season.

What makes BlazingBoost so special concerning Gladiator services?

We have witnessed and successfully survived more than 10 PvP seasons so far. We survived huge ban waves, DQ waves, etc. The vast majority of our customers got the titles they wanted and we’ve evolved our services to always stay ahead. In fact, our Piloted services were the most efficient and successful in the market. Nowadays, these boosts are riskier and we are not afraid to be honest and advise new ways to obtain these rewards. One way or another, Blazingboost can get you a Gladiator or Rank 1!

Am I more protected with Blazingboost?

Blazingboost works on a very high ethics standard, making sure that our boosters are all legit and professional. That is the least you should expect, but Blazingboost goes on a step further with softwares and further protection. If you choose a Piloted boost, your chances are still far higher than having a random player log on your account, while maybe boasting off the use of a VPN. The program helps you keep low profile and reduces the chances of being caught. However, we do recommend Selfplay and Coaching services for your own peace of mind. You can, however, make a request if you only want a Piloted service. We will try to set it up with you.

Why pick BlazingBoost for a title service?

We offer constant support and we spend a lot of time scouting out the best talents to become our boosters. We have a lot of contacts in the WoW community and they all recommend us. The core of our Terms and Conditions lie upon honesty. You will always know if we can deliver a service or not, and what the risks are. This is what makes us special. Even if some issues may be out of our control, we will always warn you if we foresee difficulties with your service, and promptly offer you a refund or a solution.

What happens if anything goes wrong?

BlazingBoost stays in contact with you throughout the whole consumer experience. Our terms and conditions try to rule out and foresee any potential issue, so that you can expect our position and policies in order to solve your issue. However, with our experience in the field, we can promise you that the alternative solutions are your best choice to earn these exclusive rewards. You can have a proof of our seriousness by discouraging Piloted Gladiator and Rank 1 boosts, which we acknowledge as unsafe and unstable now.