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Arenas have become the ultimate activity in the PvP side of things in World of Warcraft a long time ago and that is still true in Shadowlands. In addition to getting Conquest points and honor to obtain gear, you also have a lot of limitations and requirements for upgrading that gear to higher item levels and single arena wins are exactly what you need. Once per week you have to complete a win within your highest rated bracket in order to to upgrade your gear up to that specific bracket and that triggers a never ending cycle of getting conquest to purchase gear, then farming honor to upgrade that gear and playing arenas every week is necessary. We can help with every single aspect of of the cycle through Selfplay or Account sharing with dozens of teams ready to play every day. If you ever encounter something within the game that you would like us to help you with but we don't offer it on our website you can simply talk to our support and we'll find an offer for you with a pre-arranged price and terms.


Who will boost me?

You will play with our professional teams in an organized setting after scheduling within the conference we create on Discord. 

Is it safe?

Yes, your account is absolutely safe with Selfplay services. Arena Pilots will always carry a small risk and we encourage you to choose them only if you are really busy and have no time to play with our pros. The risk is minimal so we still sell the service.

What is Safecarry (for Piloted Arena services)?

Safecarry assures the highest degree of safety when it comes to our account sharing (Piloted) services. We always recommend Selfplays but we've ensured that our exclusive Safecarry software works a lot better than a VPN. We will pass you a download link for the customer license of the program. It needs only TWO clicks to be set up. It has to be kept enabled while our booster is online. The benefits are that it totally circumvents the account lock (no need to change password, etc). We will be undercover as much as possible. 

What happens after purchasing?

We need you to please join this server: https://discordapp.com/invite/Sef6HKC. Once you are there, search for "BlazingBoost SL#2022" and message us! A friend request is not needed to get in touch with us, especially because too many contact requests and acceptances may trigger Discord's anti spam bot.

How does it work?

Once you get in touch with us on Discord, depending on which type of order you purchase we will do the following:

If you purchase a selfplay: We will find a team that can play with you and create a Discord conference with the players and ou will be able to schedule a suitable time.
If you purchase an Account Sharing order: We'll pass you the instructions on how to set-up Safecarry in order to keep your account as safe as possible from Blizzard and keep you updated on the progress.

What's the use for arena win boosts?

Since Season 2 of Shadowlands, you have to win a game above a certain rating threshold in order to upgrade your gear during that specific win. Arena Win boosts in WoW offer you with a great opportunity that you might be looking for when it comes to any amount of Arena wins. You can rest assured that you will be playing with the top echelon of WoW teams/boosters that are ready to get you to where you want to be! You can choose between Piloted and Selfplay Arena Wins services, but please keep in mind that Selfplay is always strongly recommended in order to avoid any and all risks that might follow.

Why should you ever buy a boost for Arena wins?

All of our services are infintely flexxible and can be adjusted according to your needs. Buying a boost lets you skip all of the boring LFG interactions and saves you time. We look to provide a premium service to each and every one of our customers, but we do our best to keep the prices as competitive as humanly possible! Our Arena teams consist of professionals ranging from those who’ve reached R1 multiple times across different seasons, to tournament players that have multiple Blizzcons. Whatever your needs are, we can match them with a lot of room to spare.

What options are there?

There is a large variety of options available for you in order to adjust the boost to your specific needs. In case there is anything else that you might want that is not available on this page, please feel free to reach out to our support of Discord and our team will organize anything extra you might want, along with an agreed-upon price. 

In terms of Arena Wins, you can choose the amount, which bracket, and at which rating you would want them done. Wins in higher ratings cost a bit more of course, so that is why it is important to create the distinction.