This service guarantees you the item level you choose on the bar. However, you can also gear up by ordering gear runs in Sanctum of Domination, Mythic+ or standard Mythic and Heroic dungeons without a specific item level target

If your item level is between these values you can pick the one you are the closest to.

Shadowlands gearing system will be slower than usual, as less loot will drop from dungeons and raids. Therefore, RNG can play a larger factor in the exact duration of your service.

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A WoW Gear boost is necessary for your character's progression and performance within the game.
Please note that Shadowlands has a slower gearing system. Most content simply drops a lower amount of items.
With this service, we guarantee your desired amount of overall item level. 


Every item in WoW: Shadowlands has an “item level”. That is the most used term within the community.
It corresponds to the amount of stats that any piece of gear will have (how much stamina, how much intellect/strength/agility, haste, crit, versatility, mastery).
With higher item level gear, your character will obviously be more powerful and perform better in any game content.
WoW revolves around your character's gear progression, of course.
In WoW Shadowlands, just like in previous expansions too, harder game content rewards stronger gear with higher item level.


Why should I buy a WoW Gear Boost?

Without good gear, your WoW gaming experience will suffer. It is commonly known that the core of the game is the progression of your character's item level.
The reason why a WoW gear boost can be useful is simple:
- Gearing can be very tedious and slow, especially in Shadowlands, as they have reduced the amount of gear that you can obtain from overall content
- It is not necessarily easy. Obtaining high end gear requires very strong teams, raiding guilds, or good PvP team mates. It is not something you can get with the ordinary few hours of playtime per week.
- It will let you enjoy the game more. Other than simply healing more or dealing more damage, you will have access to more content, play with better players, and your WoW experience will just be better. 


With this boost, we will increase your item level up to your desired amount, starting from your current item level. That is why you can choose your current item level and your desired item level on the bar - we guarantee that result. 
On average, the boost is completed through Pilot (Account sharing) and we will play your WoW character delivering the most efficient Shadowlands Gear boost you can buy.
If you do not want to account share, you can choose the 'Selfplay' option at the top. This means that you will have to participate in gearing runs (Mythic+, raids, or whatever else is available) in order to obtain your desired loot. 


We will play your character and complete raids and WoW Shadowlands Mythic+ dungeons, alongside farming activities that you may select. Although gear is the primary mode of progression in WoW, there are secondary progression systems such as the Renown system, along with Conduits and Legendaries. Gear is of course important, but increasing your item level can only get you so far if you’re missing the right gear pieces in Shadowlands. When buying a Shadowlands Gear boost, consider the extra options that may be just as important as the primary gear sources for item level.

Who is going to boost me?

We work with players who complete M+25 keys, play in top 100 world guilds or that know the game inside out. Our average 'farmer' can play at a good level any class/spec in a couple of hours, allowing him to complete anything for any customer without difficulty.
This is the result of working in this business for years and we are proud to work with a strong roster of people. Some of our top boosters that are usually assigned to Item Level services, for example, are literally completing WoW gear boosts since Mists of Pandaria with us.