This service guarantees you the item level you choose on the bar. However, you can also gear up by ordering gear runs in Sanctum of Domination, Mythic+ or standard Mythic and Heroic dungeons without a specific item level target

If your item level is between these values you can pick the one you are the closest to.

Shadowlands gearing system will be slower than usual, as less loot will drop from dungeons and raids. Therefore, RNG can play a larger factor in the exact duration of your service.

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Our reviews

Shadowlands gearing system is slower than it was in BFA or Legion. Every type of content seems to drop less gear. The Great Vault only grants one item per week, as opposed to two weekly chests that we had in Battle for Azeroth.
Therefore, it is essential to max out your rewards every week. Our gearing service lets us take care of everything in your place, as we guarantee your chosen item level.
Please keep in mind that RNG is always involved and the ETA for these services is impossible to establish with absolute precision. 
If you are undecided about a targeted item level gearing service, you can also choose our standard gearing runs (Castle Nathria, Mythic+, or more) and simply get your new gear after the completion of that content 

What is my 'item level'?

Every piece of gear in the game has got an “item level”, which corresponds to a specific amount of stats a piece of gear has. According to the item level of the gear you are wearing, your own character’s average item level will differ -- so your character's item level is determined by the item levels of the various items you have equipped. In Shadowlands, just like in previous expansions too, harder game content rewards better items with higher item level, which makes your character more powerful. 

Why should I buy a Shadowlands Gear carry service?

Having a high item level allows you to join groups that actually do high-end content, such as raiding and Mythic+. You will struggle to find PvP partners if you have a low item level and bad gear. This is why you should buy our Shadowlands Gear service! As previously explained, it also takes longer than in previous expansions.
Moreover, purchasing this type of service guarantees you the gear you have chosen on the bar. No matter how long it takes and what is required, our team will have to get you to that gear level. 

Item Level Packages

With this service, we will boost your item level up to your desired amount, starting from your current item level. The service is completed through Pilot (Account sharing) and we will play your character delivering the most efficient Shadowlands Gear service you can buy.
If you want us to complete this without account sharing, please pick the 'Selfplay' option and we will run the necessary content with you until you have that gear.



We will play your character and complete raids and Shadowlands Mythic+ dungeons, alongside farming activities that you may select. Although gear is the primary mode of progression in Shadowlands, there are secondary progression systems such as the Renown system, along with Conduits and Legendaries. Gear is of course important, but increasing your item level can only get you so far if you’re missing the right gear pieces in Shadowlands. When buying a Shadowlands Gear service, consider the extra options that may be just as important as the primary gear sources for item level.


We will assign your boost to players who play in the finest guilds who are established professionals in this business. Our gear service will increase your character’s gear and you will notice the difference! Outside of pro players from great guilds, we also use amazing farmers who know every secret behind obtaining quick gear. Having completed dozens (or hundreds) of boosts gives each one of our farmers a great amount of expertise which you won’t find anywhere else.