This service guarantees you the item level you choose on the bar. However, you can also gear up by ordering Sepulcher raid runs, Mythic+ with gear trading or Arena Selfplay boosts with Conquest Caps. These will give you a lot of gear too!

If your item level is between these values you can pick the one you are the closest to.

Item level services' ETA can be flexible due to RNG on loot drops. Great Vault loot will often be used to complete your desired item level, unless you choose different Express options.

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Gear is the most important element of the entire game, and in order to advance in any way, you need to get good gear. This is where our WoW Gear Boost Services come into play! If you were looking to get your character up to envious ilvls, and finally be able to conquer all the endgame content, you have come to the right place!

Depending on which item level you want to reach, our valiant boosters will make sure to get the best possible gear of that ilvl for you, appropriate for your class and spec as well as any additional preferences.



Every piece of gear in the game has got an “item level”, which corresponds to a specific amount of stats a piece of gear has. According to the item level of the gear you are wearing, your own character’s average item level will differ -- so your character's item level is determined by the item levels of the various items you have equipped. In Shadowlands, just like in previous expansions too, harder game content rewards better items with higher item level, which makes your character more powerful. 


Without adequate gear, your WoW gaming experience will be poor. It is common knowledge that the main and most important part of the game is the progression of your character and your character’s item level. When you get to a certain degree of knowledge, you start noticing certain items that will allow you to min-max your stats, allowing you to reach your full potential. Some of these items can be very hard to get, and it is completely understandable that you might not have enough time to do it yourself, so you can safely count on us at every step of the way!

The reason why a WoW gear farm can be useful is simple:

- Gearing can be very tedious and slow, especially in Shadowlands, as they have reduced the amount of gear that you can obtain from overall content

- It is not necessarily easy. Obtaining high end gear requires very strong teams, raiding guilds, or good PvP team mates. It is not something you can get with the ordinary few hours of playtime per week.


- It will let you enjoy the game more. Other than simply healing more or dealing more damage, you will have access to more content, play with better players, and your WoW experience will just be better.

You can take a look at our Item Level Packages and Specific Item services to see if any of them fit your bill!


We work with players who eat through M+25 keys for breakfast, play in the top 100 world guilds and know all the game’s nuances inside out. Our average 'farmer' can play any class/spec at a professional level, allowing him to complete anything for any customer without difficulty at a premium level.

This is the result of working in this business for years upon years and we are proud to work with one of the strongest rosters of people available on the market. Some of our top boosters that are usually assigned to Item Level services, for example, are literally completing WoW gear boosts since Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria with us.