[EU]Sanctum of Domination Full Heroic Gear in World of Warcraft
Extra Options
Service will be a selfplayed one.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 3-6 resets (flexible)

Service info


We will boost you through a heroic Sanctum of Domination raid untill you get full heroic gear in all slots. Service is done with account sharing unless you pick a selfplay extra option.

Requirements / Rules

- Lvl 60 Character

- If you are buying a Selfplay run, show up on the time of the run you are about to purchase. To make your boost even more legit, we strongly suggest a short social interaction and an invite done through LFG. Moreover, equipping too many new items at once may attract attention. 

- If Piloted, keep Safecarry up for when the run is scheduled to increase your safety. We do strongly suggest you to purchase the Selfplay version of this service in order to stay safer. Pilot is risky for Mythic raid services.


  • Is there a difference with this service or a Raid Calendar one?

    The only difference is the time of the run not being fixed. Our Raid Calendar only shows a part of our available runs. A lot of our groups do not post a run on the calendar but organize a raid when there is a customer. This is exactly the case with this service - you buy it and our guilds will organize something for you. 

  • Can this be done in Pilot? I can't play.

    Yes, we can definitely pilot your character if you wish. Just include it in the note and select the Pilot extra option if available, beneath the price. We do however suggest Selfplay so that your account is safer. High-end PvE Piloted services can be risky.

  • What happens right after purchasing?

    We need you to please add our Discord at 'https://discordapp.com/invite/Sef6HKC'. Due to Discord anti spam bot, we often cannot add contacts but we can be added from you!

    If you buy a Mythic raid service with account sharing, we will pass you your Safecarry license. Heroic and Normal raid services with account sharing do not require Safecarry as they are considered safe even without our software.

    If you buy a Selfplay service instead, we will get you in touch with the boosters in a group conference. 

  • What can I expect once I have you on Discord?

    After getting in touch with you, we will ask our PvE groups and guilds and propose you a schedule for your raid to be completed. 

  • Can I choose the boosting time?

    Yes, we will definitely do our best, but keep in mind that our boosters have set up times as well for their raids or group runs to work. For more information, contact our Discord support or simply book a run off the Calendar.

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