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Shadowlands Arena PvP Coaching with a Pro

Find a Shadowlands Arena PvP Coach for your 3v3 team - finally fill that gap!

In this page you can book one of our pro players to play with you and your teammate in 3v3. If you need one healer, or one dps, this is the service to go for! Even if one coach cannot make as much of a difference as two coachers, this can still be extremely useful if you want to play with your friend. It is worth it.

We can advise you the best
class to play with your combo
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You will save

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  • With a few hours, your rating will likely increase by 100-200 thanks to our pro. Your Elite gear or Duelist should be reachable.

  • With more hours, our pro will become a strong part of your team. Synergy and high rating will come.

  • Duelist or even Gladiator will be at reach.

  • These hours will allow your team to master a comp and simply achieve great ratings.

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ETA: Usually starts in 1-3 days (Flexible according to desired combo / language choice)

This option will give your service priority. The price will be increased by 20% and it will be easier to assign coachers to you. If by 2-3 days of your purchase we still haven’t found someone, we will refund the extra 20% part.

A pro of your class will watch you as you are playing with your assigned coaches! This means that as you are playing, you will get LIVE tips by another coach who will be in the call, but not play with you. This requires you to screen share on Discord.

Your assigned team will make sure to queue with you at your MMR. This is especially useful for many hours of Coaching. If you play one hour at 2200 MMR, the following time the coaches are obliged to play with you at 2200 MMR - they cannot be higher or lower than what they left you at. Please note that this may delay the sessions a little. This option cannot be used for artificial MMR drops for Gladiator Wins.

What BlazingBoost includes forFREE
  • Personal Coaching managers that will assist you through the order.

  • Possibility to change your team / coacher at any time.

  • Best available combo for your spec and class, discussed with you before you start.

  • Blazing Points (Discount) on further orders.

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Arena coaching in WoW presents you with a golden opportunity to advance and progress your PvP prowess while learning all the nuances and smallest details necessary to reach the apex of your abilities. You can book our coaches for either 2v2, a team for 3v3, one pro for your 3v3 team. Regardless, you can rest assured that you will be playing with the top echelon of WoW players that are ready to get you to where you want to be!


Our Arena Coaching services in Shadowlands are some of the most premium services available. You will be provided all the necessary tools to elevate yourself to the next level of your playing. Given the nature of all of our services, you have the ability to make your order as personalized as you want it to be. We look to provide pristine service to each and every one of our customers, and in that regard, we do our best to keep the prices as competitive as possible! Our coaches consist of professionals ranging from those who’ve reached R1 multiple times across different seasons, to tournament players that have multiple Blizzcons. Whatever your needs are, we can match them with a lot of room to spare.


The premise of one pro for your 3v3 team is very simple; one of our most premium players will play alongside your team for a predetermined amount of hours and actively work with you to improve any single aspect that you and your teammate would like to work on. Coaching is not necessarily based on rating, but rather the hours that you would like to spend learning.

The region and type of service you would like can be found above the hours bar, and the various options available for personalizing your service are found beneath the rating bar. Our coaches are inclined to play with you for the exact amount of hours that you have purchased, provide you with all the tips and tricks that they think are necessary, as well as go through all the questions that you might have throughout your service.


There are various different options available for you to make your order meet your exact needs. In case there is anything else that you might want that is not available there, please feel free to reach out to our support of Discord and our team will organize anything extra you might want, along with an agreed-upon price. You can choose from three different rosters of increasing degrees of skill. These include:


Rank 1 - these players are consistent R1 contenders, having achieved R1 across multiple seasons. They are very skilled players, not to be underestimated due to them being the “lowest” tier of coaches.

Tournament Players - these players have participated in and won in various tournaments around the globe, with years and years of professional LAN and online experience. They will be able to go through the most intricate plays and details with you, bar none. 


Celebrity Pro - this is the crème de la crème of WoW professional playing. These players have won multiple Blizzcons, and are well-known people within the WoW community. They will be able to go through any and all situations from a perspective of someone that has seen it all. Bring a paper and a pen and be ready to learn as this is literally as good as it gets.

Other than the different brackets, you can always choose the Express option for any of your Coaching services in order to ensure that it gets assigned faster.