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With this service, you will play Mythic+ with 4 professional players. You can also choose their skill level! This will change the price of the service.

We suggest you play DPS, but
you are not forced to!

  • With these hours, you will
    run a high amount of Mythic+ keys
  • With more hours, our team will push higher keys
    and you will definitely become a better Mythic+ player!
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This option will give your service priority. The price will be increased by 20% and it will be easier to assign coachers to you. If by 2-3 days of your purchase we still haven’t found someone, we will refund the extra 20% part

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Mythic+ in BFA

The introduction of seasonal affixes in Battle for Azeroth has been a pivotal moment for the competitive aspect of PvE content in World of Warcraft. The seasonal affixes don’t only act as a content update, but simultaneously a balancing update -- this causes the meta game to change, as different classes and specializations become better or worse for a particular role:

In Season 2, classes able to dish out great AoE damage that’s not limited by cooldowns were preferred to help deal with the Reaping mobs, who spawned 4 or 5 times per dungeon. To counteract the AoE heavy meta-game, season 3 became more single-target oriented. At the same time, rather than being damage oriented, season 3’s affix, Beguiling, predominantly control-oriented: a Restoration Druid was necessary to help control the Enchanted Emissary, as well as the Emissary of the Tides. Brewmaster Monks had niche abilities to position mobs using Ring of Peace. Specializations that were single-target oriented suddenly become good, such as Balance Druids and Fire Mages. Outlaw rogues were more than needed to help control the mobs using Gouge, and Between the Eyes. More importantly, Shroud of Concealment was absolutely needed to navigate the dungeons and sometimes skip difficult packs -- in some cases, even 2 Outlaw rogues were needed to carry out the optimal pathing.

Season 4 brought us more flexibility than ever, allowing us to use Obelisks to skip inefficient or difficult packs while promoting a preference for classes with uncompromising burst damage, as well as single target damage. According to the popular opinion, Season 4 is the best season so far, and is the easiest to get into. If you haven’t pushed keys before, it’s not too late to start!


The main feature of Mythic+ is to allow you to take a step up in difficulty every time you complete a dungeon within the designated time -- you’ll be able to tackle a more difficult version of the same mobs and bosses, dealing more damage and having more hit points. Some players are dedicated to pushing the limits of efficiency and survivability and doing the highest keys possible -- this is known as ‘High Key Pushing’. This takes place on ‘Live’ servers throughout the entire season, though it tends to culminate as the season ends, as different teams are testing and optimizing every detail of the entire run.

Mythic+ ‘Speed running’ is another direction that the competitive scene has taken -- instead of trying to push the key up to the highest level, keys that are not challenging at the level of scaling are being speed ran. This takes group skill and coordination on a whole different level, and is celebrated at the MDI - Mythic Dungeon International. Along with Arena, Mythic+ is another e-sport officially supported by Blizzard. score score system has been the relevant metric for a long while now -- the higher the keys you have done, the more score you will have. score is a metric of both experience and skill, and you can choose the skill level of your coaches.

Most of our coaches have been high up on the ladder throughout BFA -- changes from season to season, so it can be hard to compare score from season 3 to season 4. For example, the highest key done in season 3 is +25, but the highest key in season 4 will be 29 or even 30. That DOES NOT mean that season 4 +29 key is harder than season 3 +25 key.

Rent a Team

By renting a team, you’ll be able to experience playing in a competitive environment and learn some of the intricacies of pushing, or speedrunning keys.

Our coaches have played thousands of dungeons worth of High Keys on different roles throughout BFA. Different sets of affixes may change how you play the dungeon, and to learn and understand some concepts, you need to play the same dungeon many times on the same affix set -- just when you feel like you’re finally mastering the dungeon, the week is over and a new set of affixes is on!

Renting a Team, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the competitive atmosphere of High Mythic+, or speedrunning. Whether you want to take on the highest keys in the top 100 world range, perfect a route or practice a new specialization, our teams will provide you with the optimal environment to improve and gain score.

You will be able to select your coaches’ experience based on their score!.

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