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WoW PvE Coaching

Book your WoW PvE Coaching hours here today, and learn all the most important intricacies.

On this page, you can buy hourly coaching in PvE from a player in a top guild. Your dps or healing throughput will increase for sure! You can use the hours to theorycraft about anything you want, or practice at target dummies together, etc.

Our pro will coach you in depth!
Our player will focus on your request
and expand to other topics if needed

  • With these hours, you will
    become a better player
    at your class and spec.
  • With more hours, you will
    learn a lot of tricks
    to use in Raids.
  • More hours will allow you
    to practice with our player
    and learn even more!
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This option will give your service priority. The price will be increased by 20% and it will be easier to assign coachers to you. If by 2-3 days of your purchase we still haven’t found someone, we will refund the extra 20% part.

ETA: Usually starts within 2-48 Hours

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PvE coaching in WoW presents you with a golden opportunity to advance and progress your PvE prowess, be it raids or M+, while learning all the nuances and smallest details necessary to reach the apex of your abilities. You can book our teams from either our Top 100 Guilds or Top 30 Guilds roster. Regardless, you can rest assured that you will be learning from the top echelon of WoW players that are ready to get you to where you want to be!


Our Coaching services are some of the most premium services available. You will be provided all the necessary tools to elevate your skill to the next level. Given the nature of all of our services, you have the ability to make your order as personalized as you want it to be. We look to provide pristine service to each and every one of our customers, and in that regard, we do our best to keep the prices as competitive as possible! Our PvE coaching teams consist of professional players that have been playing the PvE aspect of the game at the highest level for a long time and they'll be able to help you improve any aspect of your gameplay.


The premise of PvE coaching is very simple; one of our top players will be in a Discord call with you for a predetermined amount of hours and actively work with you to improve any single aspect that you would like to work on. Coaching is not necessarily based on any specific progress, but rather the hours that you would like to spend learning.

The region and type of service you would like can be found above the hours bar, and the various options available for personalizing your service are found beneath the hours bar. Our pros are going to work with you for the exact amount of hours that you have purchased, provide you with all the tips and tricks that they think are necessary, as well as go through all the questions that you might have throughout your service.


There are various different options available for you to make your order meet your exact needs. In case there is anything else that you might want that is not available there, please feel free to reach out to our support on Discord and our team will organize anything extra you might want, along with an agreed-upon price. You can choose from two rosters of increasing degrees of skill. These include:

Top 100 Guild - this is our most plentiful roster and consists of veteran players that had top-tier performances throughout their WoW career - some of them have been doing services with us since Cataclysm.

Top 30 Guild - this is our highest-tier roster for PvE coaching. These professionals have seen it all and done it all; regardless of how extreme your request might be, they will have it covered.

In case that you are interested in specifics which aren’t available directly on the website, please refer to our
Service Request and feel free to send one out to us so we can let you know what can be done.