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You will play 2v2 with one of our professional players. You can choose his skill level at the right side. 2v2 is perfect to practice your class/spec while also learning how PvP works! It's a perfect starting area, and a way to prove yourself.

We can advise you the best
comp for your level and class
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  • With these hours, you should be able to learn and unlock your Elite gear at 1800.

  • With more hours, you can improve more and start pushing higher! Duelist is at reach.

  • Your synergy with your coach will be very high! Rating and titles will come your way.

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ETA: Usually starts in 1-4 days (Flexible according to desired combo / language choice)

This option will give your service priority. The price will be increased by 20% and it will be easier to assign coachers to you. If by 2-3 days of your purchase we still haven’t found someone, we will refund the extra 20% part.

What BlazingBoost includes forFREE
  • Personal Coaching managers that will assist you through the order.

  • Possibility to change your team / coacher at any time.

  • Best available combo for your spec and class, discussed with you before you start.

  • Blazing Points (Discount) on further orders.


Coaching services

Coaching services consist in you playing with top players in 2v2 or 3v3 rated arenas, according to the subcategory you are browsing. Our players will teach you the secrets of the comp you will be playing (example: Rogue – Mage – Priest) and help you become a better player. The true secret to improving your skills is playing with players who have more experience than you, as you will constantly learn from every single game. We also entrust our boosters with patience and professionalism – ask them for tips and they are obliged to help you in their best possibilities! This is not just about queueing with great players. They will effectively enhance your understanding of PvP and you will notice the difference after completing your session.

Service’s details

This service is time-based. Slide the selectors on the bar to pick the amount of time you want to play for, in 2v2 or 3v3. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot guarantee you any rating. We have no idea about your skill level and you will effectively influence the outcome of the match even if you are playing with two Blizzcon competitors, or winners! However, buying more hours should effectively increase your rating, unless you hit a plateau where you need more time to improve as your coaches might not be able to carry the game without your consistent help.


You can decide to play with three tiers of players. Rank One players, Tournament Players, and Celebrity players are at your disposal. Rank one level: the players you will be in touch with have earned Rank One at least once, and they will bring a huge amount of experience and professionalism in your arena games. Being Rank one means you are one of the best players in the game, hence why you should not underestimate these players even if they belong to the first tier of skill level! We will obviously try to pair you with players who got Rank one in recent Arena seasons, which ensures them being up to date with the game. Tournament players: multi Rank One players sometimes decide to prove themselves among the best, and compete in LAN tournaments at Blizzard hosted events (Regionals + Blizzcon). This effectively guarantees you a superior level of coaching, as they are likely to be multi-classers who will also have a deep knowledge of your own class! Celebrities: You will be teamed up with the pro players you see at the top of the ladder, in all tournaments, or on the top of the Twitch TV streaming leaderboards. These players are known for their skill, for their great attitude, knowledge of the game, and kindness. You are very likely to be teamed up with people who have won Blizzcon or that EVERY player has heard of at least once. This is an experience you will not regret.

Extra Options

By choosing the “Express” or “Super Express” options, our players will give your order priority over others and finish your selected hours within a shorter timeframe. They will have the time and motivation to do so as their payment is obviously higher!

Service process

After purchasing the service, we will keep you on hold until a team has accepted your service. This can take 10 minutes or even up to a day, or more in exceptional circumstances. Because of wanting to offer the best possible service, we want to make sure we can find a reliable team that can play with you as soon as possible, and that also has experience with the comp you want to play. We do not want to let you waste your time and money with good players who maybe have no idea about the comp you like to play as they will effectively not behave as Rank 1 Players, for example, if they are not sure about how your comp works. Please understand that our supporters will spam all of our contacts in order to find a team as quickly as possible. After finding a team, we will put you in touch with them over a Skype conversation, where our supporters will also be present - they will be forced to communicate with you on voice and by text chat in that conversation. Please refrain from communicating elsewhere as we want to have all proof of communication in our hands in case of issues with your coaches. We also suggest you record the games (at least the voice) you play so that you can show us proof of any toxic behaviour you’d like to report. Boosters will be paid less in case of a bad performance, which allows us to compensate you as well.

  • What is the first step after the purchase?

    We will add you on Skype and put you in touch with the team we have found for you. Communication will be quick and easy with them and with our supporters!

  • Can I decide what comp to play?

    Absolutely! We will always try to accommodate your request. However, please accept our advice in case our players suggest you play a better comp they have more experience with. We trust our professionals and want to make sure you can enjoy your coaching experience with a comp that can effectively work to high rating.

  • What happens if you can’t find a team?

    It is hard to imagine us not finding a team for you. Keep in mind that even if you purchase a Rank 1 tier coaching service, we might assign you a higher tier of players if they can complete your service before others and if they are okay with being paid slightly less according to the level of coaching you have picked. If no one can be found within double the amount of the ETA we advertise on the website, you will be entitled to a full refund. We will also propose you to downgrade the coaching service to a lower tier, partially refunding you of the difference. Keep in mind how we cannot cover every comp in EU / US within the Celebrity tier level, for example.

Our reviews



Arena coaching in WoW presents you with a golden opportunity to advance and progress your PvP prowess while learning all the nuances and smallest details necessary to reach the apex of your abilities. You can book our coaches for either 2v2, a team for 3v3 or just one pro for your team. Regardless, you can rest assured that you will be playing with the top echelon of WoW players that are ready to get you to where you want to be!


Our Coaching services are some of the most premium services available. You will be provided all the necessary tools to elevate yourself to the next level of your playing. Given the nature of all of our services, you have the ability to make your order as personalized as you want it to be. We look to provide pristine service to each and every one of our customers, and in that regard, we do our best to keep the prices as competitive as possible! Our 2v2 coaches consist of professionals ranging from those who’ve reached R1 multiple times across different seasons, to tournament players that have multiple Blizzcons. Whatever your needs are, we can match them with a lot of room to spare.


The premise of 2v2 coaching is very simple; one of our most premium players will play alongside you for a predetermined amount of hours and actively work with you to improve any single aspect that you would like to work on. Coaching is not necessarily based on rating, but rather the hours that you would like to spend learning.

The region and type of service you would like can be found above the hours bar, and the various options available for personalizing your service are found beneath the rating bar. Our coaches are inclined to play with you for the exact amount of hours that you have purchased, provide you with all the tips and tricks that they think are necessary, as well as go through all the questions that you might have throughout your service.


There are various different options available for you to make your order meet your exact needs. In case there is anything else that you might want that is not available there, please feel free to reach out to our support of Discord and our team will organize anything extra you might want, along with an agreed-upon price. You can choose from three different rosters of increasing degrees of skill. These include:


Rank 1 - these players are consistent R1 contenders, having achieved R1 across multiple seasons. They are very skilled players, not to be underestimated due to them being the “lowest” tier of coaches.

Tournament Players - these players have participated in and won in various tournaments around the globe, with years and years of professional LAN and online experience. They will be able to go through the most intricate plays and details with you, bar none. 


Celebrity Pro - this is the crème de la crème of WoW professional playing. These players have won multiple Blizzcons, and are well-known people within the WoW community. They will be able to go through any and all situations from a perspective of someone that has seen it all. Bring a paper and a pen and be ready to learn as this is literally as good as it gets.

Other than the different brackets, you can always choose the Express option for any of your Coaching services in order to ensure that it gets assigned faster.