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Arenas in World of Warcraft are a Player vs. Player competitive mode with a rating system.
They are broken down into brackets: 2v2, 3v3 & Solo Shuffle.

This section is dedicated to 2v2 Coaching, and it can be used if you want to learn, gain rating & see how the pros do it alongside yourself.

Blazingboost has multiple tiers of Coaches which helps us classify our roster, and you can pick the tier you want to play with:
- Rank 1 pro
- Tournament Pro
- Celebrity Pro

Our 'lowest' rank is Rank 1 pro, which means that any coaching purchased at Blazingboost gives you access to some of the best players in the world since Rank 1 requires you to be in the top 0.1% of the ladder in any given season. Our players have achieved this multiple times and are ready to help you with your goals!
Tournament pros are the next tier, and in addition to multiple Rank 1 titles, they also regularly appear at official tournaments and have good results across the board. These players are few and far apart, with Blazingboost being the first and only stop on their journey after showing results.
Celebrity pros are a Diamond dozen. You will recognize their names, you will know who they are and do not be surprised to see your favorite streamer or idol jumping into games with you and offering his insights into the game of WoW.

Our WoW: Dragonflight 3v3 Coaching pre-orders have a FREE TIER UPGRADE included by default, so you can only pick Tournament or Celebrity Pro tier at a lower cost!


Why should I buy WoW Arena Coaching in WoW Dragonflight from Blazingboost? What makes you special?

BlazingBoost was created in 2012 and has always specialized in WoW Arena services. We are in touch with all the professional players who play the game and have access to a high amount of amazing players who can play with you. 
We have helped countless players to Gladiator or even Rank 1, simply by playing with the right teammates.
You can filter the word 'Gladiator' or 'Coaching' on our Trustpilot so you can see that it is possible to reach amazing goals!

Many of our main managers are WoW arena pro players (or they used to be!) and they know which combos will work for your class, and experience the game's PvP scene first hand. Therefore, we all know how frustrating it can be to spend hours in LFG and we are aware of how important voice communication and a good personality / attitude can be. We focus a lot on quality check and we will always ensure you play with the right team.

What happens after purchasing?

After you've ordered a service, we'll have to get in touch on Discord. You can do so by adding us at "BlazingBoost DF#2022".
We will start looking for coachers for your service and check if there is a good combo available for you, that can suit your needs the most. Once a team has found, a group conference is made on Discord with the coachers, and you will be able to schedule a time to play at with them. 

Are there any risks?

To our knowledge, no. This is a service that does not entail any account sharing. Of course it is always recommended to keep a low profile and behave normally as if you have met the players in game. Do not mention that you are paying, of course!

Who is going to play with me?

It is possible to play with:
Rank 1 players = these coachers have earned Rank 1 in the past recent seasons
Tournament players = these coachers have attended famous tournaments in the past few years and performed well
Celebrity players = they are the best of the best, constantly participating (and usually winning) tournaments or being extremely famous in the community, or at the very top of the ladder. 

In general we ensure to only work with professional players who take your service seriously and understand that they have to deliver an enjoyable experience. If you are unhappy with any of our players' performance, let us know and we will immediately react. 

What happens if I'm unhappy with my team? What if the games don't go well?

Our Discord support at BlazingBoost DF#2022 will always do its best to help. You can always inform us if Discord support you think you are losing too much and the games aren't going as well as you expected.
We generally encourage you to keep trying for a bit, as synergy can take some time to build up. It can happen to start off a bit slow. However, if there is no improvement, we will be on your side. We understand it: sometimes you may not like the sense of humour or personality of a player. We have had situations where customers performed very well with "Standard" Rank 1 players as they clicked together and had better synergy, even better than with a more experienced Tournament team. This is a delicate service and we are aware that you may also just play a certain combo better as you are more used to it.  Therefore, we are flexible and we will always do our best to sort out any issues. Just contact us and we'll find another team if possible. Just please note that this service can never guarantee certain rating results. 

Can I reach Gladiator?

Yes, it is possible! Gladiator is one of the most pregious achievements in the game, and we can help you with it. Getting 2400+50 wins is very accessible with our pros, but be ready to give your best and have fun! Our team cannot 2v3 every game so you will have to contribute. If you practice and listen to your team's feedback, you will see great results and you will have access to your Gladiator mount and title. Remember that the mount is account wide and can be used on your alts too!

Can I choose the comp and / or the language?

Yes, it's always possible to note a preference for your favourite combo or language choice. You can do so above the bar in the middle of the page. In general, we support almost every combo in the game on EU / US / Alliance / Horde combinations. However, your faction/region can influence our availability. As an example, we may have two strong RMP teams in EU Alliance but five in US Horde. You can read more about the language choice in the popup above, where you pick the language itself. If you speak english though, you will never have any problems!

Is voice communication included?

Yes, always! For the service to be successful, being on voice will help a lot. You are not forced to talk but if you communicate you will certainly have better results.