Universal Essences are available to any class and spec.


Its major power causes significant damage to an enemy, or healing to an ally, on a 30-second cooldown. It deals additional damage over time at higher ranks, and gains an extra charge. Each cast of this spell makes its next activation have double the power, with this effect being reset every third cast.

-Its minor power causes your spells to have a chance to deal a small amount of damage to an enemy, or healing to an ally, over 10 seconds.

In order to unlock higher ranks, we will unlock the Heart Forge and reach level 54 / 60 / 70 for your Heart of Azeroth.

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Essences are the new game-defining feature added in patch 8.2. Although they resemble some talent trees from previous expansions, they have become the defining point of many classes since Eternal Palace. Forgotten specs have been revitalized, and in a lot of the cases, class strengths became empowered even further. Bursty classes gained even more burst, CD dependent classes got the cooldowns reduced or empowered further, tanks gain tools to deal with different types of incoming damage and healers get to choose between playing for the strengths or nullifying their weaknesses.

They are obtained from the most various types of in-game content: from World PvP and battlegrounds to Mythic+ and Raids, from both Eternal Palace and Ny’alotha. In some cases, the Essences are obtained rather easily, such as Crucible of Flame, the reward from the Heart of Azeroth questline, but in other cases, for Memory of Lucid Dreams, the grind is time-gated and the whole process takes well over two weeks. You also have to do it every day!

Essences have become extremely important for your character’s performance. All of them have four ranks, and rank 4 is of purely cosmetic nature. For quite a few of them, the difference between rank 2 and rank 3 makes the difference between being barely viable and optimal. The most popular essence for Melee DPS, Blood of the Enemy, the difference alone between rank 2 and rank 3 is the sole reason why this Essence is chosen.

Why should I buy an Essence boost?

BFA is said to be extremely alt-unfriendly, and Essences are one of the main reasons why this is the case. Even if you’ve managed to farm these on your main character, if you’re looking to play an alt, you’ll need to do it all over again. This means that it can take up to four weeks for your character to get ready! If you’re working on an alt, or you came back to the game recently, our boosters will help you catch up and reach peak character performance much faster.

In 8.3., a lot of the Essences relevant to patch 8.2 are still just as important. If you want to be competent, you’ll need to revisit Nazjatar and Mechagon and farm unrewarding content. If you’re working on an alt, or you came back to the game after a break, your daily routine can take several hours, just to get the work done for your reputations.

Essences and Corruption resistance

The newest essences, most notably Breath of the Dying for DPS, Touch of the Everlasting for Tanks, and Spirit of Preservation for healers do not only provide very strong effects, as they’ve been adapted for the new meta in their design - they also offer further Corruption resistance. That is extremely valuable for virtually any class, which means that in a lot of the cases, these essences will be locked in as a default choice.

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