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Why should I buy a WoW honor farming boost in Shadowlands?

Honor is one of the basic currencies in World of Warcraft and it has been around since the game first came out. The main reason most people farm honor nowadays is to upgrade their PvP gear. If you just hit max level on a new character, with just honor you can buy a full set of starter PvP gear, and then you will need some honor to upgrade your items to higher tiers as well. Farming honor can be a dull and repetitive task, not to mention that it can take a lot of time which can be spent on other activities in the game. For that reason this boost is a perfect way to save time and skip the boring grind. Just select the amount of honor you need and we will take care of it for you.

How does the WoW Shadowlands honor farming boost work?

After purchasing the boost the first step is to join Discord and get in touch with us there. We will contact you as soon as your purchase goes through just to confirm your order, explain the procedure and share all the necessary information. Then we will start looking for a booster for your order and we’ll let you know once a booster has been assigned and is ready to start playing. If you are interested in how the booster is doing you can ask us for a progress update on Discord and we will provide you with one as soon as possible.

Will boosters farm honor in ranked matches?

Shadowlands honor farming boost is usually done through non-ranked battlegrounds. All our boosters have played the game for many years and know the game inside out. But the ones doing honor farming are farmers and not professional PvP players and that’s why they’ll only farm the honor through unranked forms of PvP.
In case you’re interested in a ranked PvP boost and are looking to increase your rating you can find boosts for rated PvP on these pages:

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How long will the service take? What is the ETA?

ETA depends on the amount of honor that you decide to get. For example, the ETA for 5k honor is 3-24 Hours. Our booster will do his best to complete the farm in the shortest time possible but the time required to farm honor can vary a bit depending on how long the queue is for battlegrounds and how much your side is winning as it's very hard to get a kill when the opposing side is much stronger.