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In this page, you can buy all the Flying services in the game! You can now fly in BFA with the new 8.2 services. Finally! 

BFA Pathfinder Part 1+2

BFA Pathfinder Part 1+2

BFA Pathfinder Part 1+2

We will complete Pathfinder part 1 and 2 in BFA!

BfA Pathfinder Part 2

BfA Pathfinder Part 2

Final step
BfA Pathfinder Part 2

We will complete the Mechagon and Nazjatar reputation requirements for Pathfinder part 2!

BfA Pathfinder Part 1

BfA Pathfinder Part 1

Flying Part 1
BfA Pathfinder Part 1

We will complete the Pathfinder achievement for your future Flying in BFA!


Flying in Battle for Azeroth

Much like in previous expansions, flying is gated behind reputations and has been added in a couple of content update patches after the initial release. Early on, Water Striders mount were the popular means of transport as to skip the watery areas, such as Nazmir and Tiragarde Sound. BFA Pathfinder part 1 provided for the extra ground mount speed which was pretty useful at the time. Navigating Zandalar and Kul Tiras without a flying mount was very time consuming, and even with the numerous flight paths, the ‘daily swoop’ for World Quests can take well over an hour, especially with War Mode enabled.

BFA Pathfinder part 1

BFA Pathfinder part 1 requires you to complete every single chapter for each zone as you level up, and even if you only level up by questing, you’ll still have some work leftover. After that, you’ll be ready to finish the War Campaign for patch 8.0

You will also need to become Revered reputations with all of the factions native to Kul Tiras and Zandalar, which is 6 in total. One for each native zone: The Voldunai, Zandalari Empire, and Talanji’s Expedition for Horde; Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers and Proudmoore Admiralty for Alliance, in addition to Champions of Azeroth and Tortollan Seekers for both factions. Tortollan Seekers especially takes much more time than the other factions, so the whole process can take well over a month, especially if you’re not going out of your way to finding the world quests.

In patch 8.2, flying was finally added for BFA - and for a zone with Nazjatar, with a lot of elevation - mountains, dens, and caves, it was very much needed. The reputation was acquired somewhat passively while also working on the Essences. This is, however, a whole different story in the latest content release of patch 8.3 where you’ll need to do unrewarding and ‘outdated’ content just to be able to navigate the world effectively.

BFA Pathfinder part 2

BFA Pathfinder part 2 requires you to reach Revered status with the Factions of The Unshackled, and the Rustbolt Resistance in Nazjatar and Mechagon respectively. Nazjatar will offer plenty of World Quests, as well as zone quests so the process will be somewhat straightforward, whereas in Mechagon lie plenty of rare mobs and daily events, so Rustbolt Resistance is considered to be a lot slower than the Unshackled in Nazjatar.

Why should I buy a BFA Flying boost?

No matter how much you’ve progressed towards BFA Pathfinder 1+2, having these unfinished can add hours to your daily routine of merely completing world quests, leaving little time to focus on the more challenging aspects of World of Warcraft gameplay.

Our experienced boosters will save you a lot of time, and you will be able to focus on the important aspects of the game.

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