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Buy WoW Gladiator Boost - World of Warcraft

If you decide to buy a boost on your own character, we protect you as much as possible with Safecarry - NO ACCOUNT LOCK! However you might still be subject to risks (too many reports, earlier account sharing with a friend without Safecarry, etc). Have a look at our new options if you want to be safer!

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Use the bar to get boosted on your character on your own Account


We will get you 2200 3v3 rating as soon as you purchase and complete the final push towards the end of the season.

We will keep you on Gladiator rating and play every week, if needed, in order for you to be high rated in 3v3 at all times!

We will slowly bring you up to Gladiator rating by playing the necessary games to get you capped, and never go higher than 100-200 points per week. You can request on Skype for us to completely stop for a week, or to get more than 100-200 on that specific week if you wish. This will make your boost less suspicious even to the Arenamate history of every player!

ETA: 1 Day


Gladiator Title + Permanent Mount

  • Gladiator achievement lasts forever on your achievement list for all your characters.
  • Gladiator mount is unique in every season and it lasts forever.
  • Rank 1 titles last FOREVER on your character (S25 = Demonic Gladiator)

What is the Arena Gladiator and Rank 1 boost?

Our Arena Gladiator boost focuses on boosting your Arena rating until you acquire the titles of Gladiator. The top 0.5% of players on the Arena ladder get the title Gladiator. Reaching these titles is very difficult because you are literally competing with the top 1% best players in Arena.

Why should I buy a Gladiator or Rank 1 Arena boost?

Reaching the titles of Gladiator and Rank 1 is very difficult. You have to be among the top 0.5% of players for Gladiator and top 0.1% for Rank 1. Even if you are a good WoW player you might not be able to reach Gladiator on your own, and it really takes an exceptional player to make it all the way to R1. Luckily for you our boosters are professional players who have reached R1 multiple times and participated in competitive tournaments like Blizzcon. Your odds of reaching Gladiator or R1 are literally hundreds of times higher if you entrust this to our boosters rather than go at it on your own.

What are the rewards for Gladiator and Rank 1?


  • Once you have reached the title of Gladiator you have permanently unlocked the Gladiator achievement.

  • You get a permanent Feat of Strength specific to the season in which you reached Gladiator.

  • To be awarded the title of Gladiator you will first have to pass the stages of Duelist, Rival and Challenger. We can boost you to Gladiator and you will jump above all the previous stages and titles! You will therefore gain Feats of Strength for all of these in addition to the Gladiator Feat of Strength.

  • A rare and unique mount is awarded to those who reach Gladiator. The mount is permanent, and each season you reach Gladiator you are awarded a new unique permanent mount.

  • You will be able to display the title Gladiator throughout the next season. While the achievement is permanent, the title is only on display for one season, You can also display the titles of Duelist, Rival and Challenger, but they are not as impressive.

How does the Arena Glad boost work?

Since the Arena rating needed to reach Gladiator 1 changes all the time we ask you what your Current Arena Rating is with the understanding that the objective is Gladiator, regardless of how high a rating that will require. We also need to know how many 3v3 wins you have completed throughout the arena season. If you are on a very low amount of wins, the price might rise. Your rating also modifies the price: the lower you current rating the more expensive the boost will be, which is only logical. Unless you choose our “transfer you character” or “100% title guarantee” options, the way the boost works is that our booster logs onto your account and boosts your character until it reaches Gladiator rating. This process will take time and you can coordinate with the booster to make sure you can still play while the booster is offline.

What are the options?

  • Instant 2200 3v3: With this option, we will get your character’s Current Rating up to 2200 in 3v3 as quickly as possible after you buy the boost. And we will complete the final push towards the end of the season.

  • Be high rated throughout the whole season: With this option we boost your Current Rating sky high and keep you there throughout the season by playing on your account every week, if needed. Our goal is to keep your rating around the Gladiator or Rank 1 cut off through the whole season for you to look like a consistently good player.

  • Slow boost: Choosing a slow boost makes the boost look less suspicious. It makes it look like the natural progression of a regular player and potentially reduces the risk of getting reported, thus lowering the chances of a disqualification.

  • 100% title guarantee: With this option you are requesting that we custom build a character for you from A to Z.

    • 1. Our booster makes a fresh account by creating his own account using your name and surname.

    • 2. You never get access to this clone account. Only the booster does.

    • 3. The booster guests the character all the way up to the title you requested.

    • 4. At the end of the season we transfer the boosted character to your original account. And voila.

  • How do you protect my Privacy?

    We always keep a low profile. We never use your account for anything outside of the boost you request. We don't touch your items or gold unless given permission. We do not reply to players and keep your identity hidden as much as possible. We also accept any request in case you want us to reply in a specific way to some friends of yours while we are online.

  • Is there a risk my account will get blocked?

    We use a program called Safecarry that protects your account while we are boosting it. This reduces the odds of getting disqualified as close to 0 as possible. This protection is ensured by the lack of an ACCOUNT LOCK when our booster logs in! He will not lock your account for "suspicious activity" and you will NOT have to change your password. However, while we protect you as much as possible with hints, softwares and years of experience, if for example you have been sharing your account with other people who are not using Safecarry, you might cause your own disqualification! If you are still concerned about your account getting blocked you can choose our “Transfer your character” and “100% Title guarantee” options.

  • Why are “Transfer your character” and “100% Title guarantee” more expensive?

    They are more expensive because we must buy Keys and the Transfer on top of the boosting cost, which is higher for Title guarantees.

  • When will my boost start?

    We start boosts roughly in the second month of the season. Legion seasons usually last for 3 months so the second one is a good moment to start. Of course, this changes if you chose some of these options: high rated all season, instant 2200 or slow boost. If you have a low amount of 3v3 wins, we might easily start the boost the first month of the season!

  • Why do you start the boost so late in the season?

    Starting the boost later means that we do less account sharing and that the you have more access to your account throughout most of the season. Also, since the cut off to be Gladiator or Rank 1 is a percentage of the arena players it makes more sense to wait than to jump in at the beginning. If you want us to play more consistently, you can select the "high rated all season". We ask you to trust the expertise of our boosters: if our boosters estimate that they only need the last two weeks to get your boost that is all the account sharing activity we will need! Make sure you always keep your character up to date.

  • How do refunds work for Title services?

    For all the details please see our Terms of Service. Our terms feature all the details you need and show a refund policy for every potential possibility and consequence of their boost. Please bear in mind that the titles are ultimately awarded by Blizzard hence why we do not have direct control on the reward. We can only boost you to where Blizzard should give you the title.

  • What makes BlazingBoost so special concerning Gladiator services?

    We have witnessed and successfully survived more than 10 PvP seasons so far. We survived huge ban waves, DQ waves, etc. The vast majority of our customers got the titles they wanted and we’ve evolved our services to always stay ahead.

  • Am I more protected with Blazingboost?

    Blazingboost works on a very high ethics standard, making sure that our boosters are all legit and professional. That is the least you should expect, but Blazingboost goes on a step further with Safecarry. Safecarry is a program that allows us to play your account and avoid an account lock. It is the BEST PROTECTION you can get! Thanks to Safecarry Blizzard will NOT automatically detect the access to your account from another computer. The program is updated regularly to assure your protection and to reduce the risk of disqualifications (which would make you ineligible for PvP titles) as much as possible. Once you go through with your purchase, we will give you the Safecarry client to download and install on your computer.

  • Why pick BlazingBoost for a title service?

    We offer constant support and we spend a lot of time scouting out the best talents to become our boosters. We have a lot of contacts in the WoW community and they all recommend us. To earn your trust we also ACCEPT PARTIAL RESPONSIBILITY WITH REFUNDS. If you want all the details you can read our Terms of service, but essentially, since we are a professional company with reliable boosters we have safeguards to ensure that you get the title you wanted, that the security and privacy of your account is never violated, and we will offer support and feedback throughout the boost.

  • What happens if I get disqualified?

    Even in the WORST OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES (disqualifications, boost not completed by two rating points missing, inability to find a booster in time) BlazingBoost stays in contact with you throughout the whole consumer experience and will always offer a solution. We are a professional company with great understanding of customers' requests and needs, years of experience, detailed terms of service to address all possible inconveniences, and ethics. You will not find anyone else with so much experience in the market - most people like to promise the moon and run with your money.

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