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Honor Level Boost

In this page, you can type your current Honor Level and select your desired Level. On the right hand side, you can view the rewards you will obtain at each Honor Level. Show your allegiance to your Faction and impress your friends with your Honor kills!

We will give your order priority and complete it with a 30% ETA reduction.

We will start your order as soon as possible and cut the ETA in half!

ETA: 1 Day

What is Honor Farming?

Blazingboost offers multiple farming services. Most farming services are PvE oriented, but Honor Farming is a PvP service. Prestige ranks are accumulated through "Honor" points, similar to the old PvP currency from the last expansions.

The first step will always be reaching 50 Honor Talents, which corresponds to Prestige 1. This will unlock your Honor Talents - it is an essential part of maxing out the potential of your character. If you ignore your Honor levels and do not get to lvl 50 Honor, you will always be one step behind other players as you will miss out on important PvP talents while playing against other players. If you need to get the first 50 Honor Levels for you to gain access to Honor Talents for the FIRST TIME, this is the correct section you should be browsing! Keep in mind the price is lower for the first 50 honor levels (which is because the honor needed for Prestige Rank 1 is lower).

Every 50 Honor Levels correspond to one Prestige rank. If you get to Honor level 50 twice, you will be on Prestige rank 2, and so forth. Getting to further ranks after the Prestige rank 1 awards a lot of cosmetic rewards, Gold, Artifact power, mounts, and more. Even if reaching Prestige rank 1 is definitely more relevant to gain first access to your Honor Talents, you might not want to miss out on the other ranks!

To maximise your Honor gains it is important to remember that your first PvP victory of the day grants double the reward in Honor. So, for example: while a Rated Battle Ground win usual gives 300 honor. Your first RBG win will give 600 honor.

An important change that came with 7.1 is that Leveling up your Prestige does not reset your Honor Talents anymore. Prior to 7.1 players were forced to lose their honor talents everytime they decided to reach the following Prestige rank, having to choose between earning more rewards while losing PvP abilities. However, now you can level up in Prestige without losing your Honor Talents, and a Prestige boost will not leave you with no talents as it is being completed by our farmers!

Why should you buy an Honor Farming Boost?

Save time. Farming Honor takes a long time. Many hours of PvPing are needed to complete each Prestige rank (50 honor levels). Buying a boost from us will let you stay away from the boring experience of playing PvP all day even when you're not exactly enjoying it.

Save money. Low cost and quick speed. Buying an Honor boost for your first Prestige level will cost you about half what our regular Prestige boost costs for further ranks! Blizzard has in fact reduced the honor needed for your first access to Honor Talents by half. This means that you can get to Honor 50, or Prestige 1, super fast and at half price!

Your Honor Level is taken into account when you are rewarded items during Skirmished or Random Battlegrounds. The higher your Honor Level, the higher ilvl the items you will be rewarded with. Concerning these item rewards, remember that a Battleground win has a guaranteed piece of gear rewarded, but victories in Skirmishes and Arena fights do not guarantee an item reward. Losing an RBG has a chance of awarding a piece of gear anyway, but no guarantee in case of loss. Your odds of getting gear for wins in Skirmishes and Arena, and losses in RBGs increased with the 7.1 Patch.

A lot of gold and Artifact power. As we glide through the honor levels of each Prestige rank, you will earn a lot of gold and Artifact power as every Honor level gives a reward (200g, 500g, 200k Artifact power, etc). It really is convenient to play PvP nowadays! And we can do that for you.

How does an Honor Farming Boost work?

  • PvP: Prestige farming is the only farming boost that focuses on PvP. Bear in mind that since there is no longer any PvP specific gear, even if you do not have PvP gear we can still do this boost for you. Leveling your Prestige will also provide you with Honor Talents that are exclusively usable in PvP combat.

    Pilot / Account Sharing: This is a farming boost. All farming boosts offered by Blazingboost are Account Sharing (also called Pilot) boosts. This means that you are giving access to your account to our team of Professional boosters (sharing your account), so they can complete your order. Some of Blazingboost’s services can be done in Self-play, where the boosters play with you, but this is not available for farming boosts.

    Professional Boosters: The boosters on our team are professionals. Prestige services can actually be assigned to Gladiator players, who have made it to the top 0.5% of Arena players in multiple seasons. Outside of amazing PvP players, we also use generally good PvPers and farmers who enjoy spending all of their day in Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, and Arenas. Thanks to this Blazingboost can guarantee the highest standards of performance and efficiency. Our boosters will perform the service you ask for with professionalism, discretion and while keeping your account secure thanks to our program, Safecarry.

    Safecarry: Safecarry allows us to play your account in PvP and avoid an account lock, not letting you change your password when we log on - this is the BEST PROTECTION you can get! This way, Blizzard will NOT automatically detect the access from another computer to your account. The program is updated regularly to assure your protection and to reduce the risk of disqualifications (which would make you ineligible for PvP titles) as much as possible. Once you go through with your purchase, we will give you a client to download and install on your computer. This takes less than 5 seconds and only two clicks.

    Your current Honor: Select your current Honor Level and your desired Honor.

    Target Honor of 50: This is the objective you set for our boosters. They will take you from your current Honor up to your Honor 50.

    Extra reward for reaching Honor 50: Companion summoning: Alliance Enthusiast or Horde Fanatic.

    Options: Blanzingboost services are customizable. For our Prestige Farming boost the only available option is the Express option. Choosing the Express Options means your boost will be put on the top of the to-do list so it is completed faster than without the option.

    First contact: Once you have purchased your boost we will add you on Skype. A short exchange of information will take place. We will ask questions such as when you prefer to be boosted and give information regarding Safecarry and the steps you need to follow to make sure our boost remains safe.

    Constant support: If at anytime before, during or after the boost you have question, you can ask us via the direct chat on our website or via Skype. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with all the information you need to choose the boosts that are right for you.

  • What is the difference between Honor and Prestige?

    The two are closely linked but they are different. Your Honor is between 1 and 50. When you reach 50 Honor you get the option to gain +1 Prestige. Doing so resets your Honor to 1.

  • Does gaining Prestige reset my Honor Talents?

    No. When you reach 50 Honor you can gain +1 Prestige. This will reset your Honor to 1, but it does not make you lose your Honor Talents.

  • Are there any risks?

    There cannot be any risk with Honor farm boosts as we complete them by hand without any bots.

  • What happens right after purchasing?

    As explained above in the "First Contact" paragraph, we will add you on Skype and pass you the Safecarry download link. This will allow us to set up your boost and assign it to whoever is willing to complete your service as soon as possible. Thanks to Safecarry, you will not have to unlock your account and change your password.

  • Can I choose the boosting time?

    Yes, we will definitely do our best to accomodate any request, but keep in mind that doing so might slow down your boost as our booster might not available at the exact time you allow us / him to play.

  • What does “Duration” mean?

    Our duration defines our ideal deadline. If we say 1-3 days for example, your service could be completed within few hours of your purchase or 3 days, which is an extra fall back.

  • How can I have a discount?

    Discounts are given to returning customers thanks to their Blazing Points. 3% of what you purchase always becomes Blazing Points (1 BP = 1€) which you can use as discount for your future services. We also can offer discount codes in specific situations on our LiveChat, especially if you decide to buy a bundle of services. You can also find a list of discounted services here.

  • Do you allow refunds?

    Yes, we certainly guarantee you a refund in case we can’t complete the service for a fault of ours. Please check out our “WHY US” page in order to see that we are a registered company and that we have the legal responsibility of Your money. Terms and Conditions also explain everything of relevance for your refund guarantee.

  • Who is going to boost me?

    We work only with the best players in the world or dedicated teams, who might also be part of top guilds who have cleared the Mythic raid content. For Prestige boosts, we may use Gladiator level players who enjoy to play PvP, or dedicated PvPers of generally good level who will still complete your service efficiently. Farming Honor does not require an excessive amount of skill: it requires too much time - and we are here to help you avoid the endless farming tiresome experience.

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