Livechat Shadowlands Sale 2 in World of Warcraft

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: Flexible - Confirmed by Discord Support

Service info


This is a private service sold by the Livechat. Please write in the note what exactly you are buying. If you are currently chatting with the operator on Livechat, it is best if you agree with him which note to write, in order not to cause confusion to the Discord support.
Please write the Livechat operator's name in the note too! Example:
"Power Leveling Service from value X to value Y with Priority - Sold by John P."

Remember: Livechat operators have got clear directions on how to sell services but are not always in touch with boosters, hence why the Discord department will take care of your order for its assignment and completion.

Requirements / Rules

- This is a sale generated with our Livechat team. Please make sure to write a clear note in regard to what you are buying! It is best to agree on a note together with the Livechat operator.
- As soon as you buy, your purchase will be passed to our Discord team. The Livechat operator will not be able to follow up the details of the order.
- Even if we certainly take responsibility for deals made by our Livechat team, please keep in mind that they are not in touch with boosters and they cannot make extremely precise promises.
Still, if the Livechat sells you something that cannot be delivered exactly as described on the Livechat, we will always refund you or compensate according to the case.
- Important note: the Livechat cannot EXACTLY know when the order will be started as they are not in touch with boosters. Every ETA can be flexible (such as 1-24 hours, for example). 

  • What to do after purchasing?

    Please join this Discord server: "". It is supposed to be empty, do not worry!
    Once you are inside, you will be able to find our Discord support contact. If you cannot, it means Discord is lagging.
    To locate our contact, you can send us a friend request at 'BlazingBoost SL#2020'. This will allow you to find us and message us even BEFORE we send a Friend Request! 

  • How do Livechat Sales work?

    Our Livechat is instructed to generate custom sales when possible. After your purchase, the service will be redirected to our Discord team who will take care of it. We really encourage writing a clear order note so that we know exactly what you are purchasing and what did you agree upon.

  • Do I get a refund if something goes wrong?

    Yes, if our Livechat team made a mistake we will certainly give you a refund or a compensation according to the case.
    However, please keep in mind that as they are not always in touch with our boosters as the Discord team, they cannot go that much into details. 

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