Subscription: Maw Souls & 1000 Anima for 1 month in World of Warcraft
Extra Options
We will also complete a M+15 Piloted run once per week, for a whole month. You are getting a 15% discount.
We will also complete the two Layer 12s in Torghast once per week, for a whole month! You are getting a 15% discount.
We will also complete x3 Covenant Callings per week (for a total of 12).
We will complete the same service you are buying on an alt too.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: Few hours per week (4 total resets)

Service info


We will complete the two Covenant weekly quests:
- Free Maw Souls
- Earn 1000 Anima
This grants you +2 guaranteed Renown per week. 

Requirements / Rules

- Even if the service is named 'subscription', there is NO automatic billing. You are buying ONE service. 
- In case a week of completion is missed for a fault that is not yours, you are always entitled to receive 10 Blazing Points (10€) on the website as a compensation and the subscription will obviously be extended by one more week.
- No specific requirements other than a level 60 character with a covenant being chosen
- This service is completed with account sharing. We will use a VPN or Safecarry according to your choice but we generally recommend only buying Selfplay services.

  • What happens right after purchasing?

    We need you to please join this server ''. Once you are there, search for "Blazingboost SL#2021" and message us! A friend request is not needed to get in touch with us, especially because too many contact requests and acceptances may trigger Discord's anti spam bot. If you are buying a Selfplay service, we will get you in touch with the boosters in a group conference in Discord too.

  • What is this service? Is there any auto billing?

    Absolutely not! This service is named 'subscription' but, in reality, it's a single payment that covers weekly services that shall be completed for a whole month.

  • Why do you sell this type of service?

    Subscription services were created as we noticed many people buying them 'often', every week, and we felt like a single (discounted) bundle would fit better! Customers' feedback and our management decision led us to experiment with this successful and new format.

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