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Why should I buy a WoW Mount Service?

Mounts are one of the staples of World of Warcraft. They are one of the primary means of transportation in the game and you’ll be spending a lot of time on them. They come from all kinds of activities in the game, a lot of unique and prestigious mounts are very hard to obtain and some, like the TCG mounts, are becoming harder to get as time goes by.
Collecting mounts can be a costly, time-consuming and tedious process, requiring endless hours of camping, countless boss and rare mob kills, some of which can take months and years of farming.
This is a frustration every World of Warcraft player is familiar with. Buying a WoW mount service will help you save many hours of your precious time and allow you to enjoy the game to its fullest.
TCG mounts deserve a special mention, they are limited in supply and are among the rarest and most unique mounts in the game. There’s usually a limited amount of them in stock, so if you see a TCG mount that you’re after you should use the opportunity to acquire it, since there’s no guarantee that more will be available in the near future.

Why should I buy WoW Mounts from Blazingboost?

We have been in this business since 2012 and throughout the years we have gained a wealth of experience and have tens of thousands of happy customers to vouch for the quality of our service. We have sold a lot of World of Warcraft mounts, including TCG mounts, and our customers are always satisfied with their purchases. Our Trustpilot page has over 22 500 reviews and a 5/5 rating, you’re more than welcome to check it out.
We hope this impeccable record will give you peace of mind to shop with us.

These are some of the reasons why we have stayed on top for so long: 
- We work with experienced and reliable boosters
- We offer affordable prices with high service standards
- 24/7 Dedicated Discord and Livechat support
- A truthful and precise time of completion of your order

How quickly will you deliver my WoW Mount after I make a purchase?

World of Warcraft TCG mounts are usually delivered the same day. As soon as you place the order, you will be invited to our Discord channel and put in touch with our manager. He will provide the additional details and move the mount to have it ready for delivery. 
Regarding regular category mounts, the ETA can be checked by clicking on a specific service. Some of them are delivered in Selfplay and some in Pilot. Mounts that drop from rare mobs (for example, Time-Lost Proto-Drake), can have flexible ETAs due to them having a big dynamic respawn timer. Another example is the Fallen Charger’s Reins mount which respawns between 1 to 6 hours in the Maw and we will farm it for you until it drops. Since Fallen Charger’s Reins mob can only be looted once a day and the mount is not guaranteed, having multiple characters ready for the farming process will significantly increase the speed of the service.

Are these services Safe?

World of Warcraft mount services on Blazing Boost are presented in three categories: Selfplay, Piloted and TCG mounts.

TCG category mounts are safe to purchase from us since the procedure is conducted as discreetly as possible and the mount is delivered via in-game trading. We also request the email verification for fraud protection, this will be explained to you in detail on Discord.

Purchasing Selfplay mounts is safe as well, our professional players will help you obtain your desired mount and you will receive it as a regular in-game drop item, which can be looted. There is absolutely no account sharing involved, our mount farmers will camp the spawn points of the mount/rares that drop the mount and they will inform you in the discord conference once it’s been found.

The third category are Piloted mount services. Currently there's no 100% bulletproof method of safety for Account sharing (Piloted) Services. With every Piloted service, we are transparent with our customers and inform them about the account sharing risks that come with those. Despite this, we try to minimize the risks by using our security methods which include using our signature software to protect the safety of your account as much as possible and not attract any unwanted attention.

What happens right after I make a purchase on Blazingboost?

After you finalize your purchase, you will receive the confirmation email from Blazingboost. We will need you to please join our server: https://discordapp.com/invite/Sef6HKC. Once you’ve done so, search for “BlazingBoost SL#2022” and send us a message!
Sending a friend request is not necessary to get in touch with us, you will be sharing a contacts-only server that will enable you to message us. Also, too many contact requests and acceptances may trigger Discord’s anti-spambot, so we try to keep it as simple and comfortable for everyone, as possible.

Which World of Warcraft Mounts are you offering on Blazingboost?

We have a wide variety of World of Warcraft mounts available for purchase at Blazingboost, for both EU and US regions: TCG, Arena, Rare Ground and Flying mounts are all at your disposal.

List of available mounts in the section:
TCG category mounts: Swift Spectral Tiger, Spectral Tiger, Magic Rooster Egg, x-51 nether rocket (both blue and purple), Feldrake, Swift shorestrider, White riding camel, CorruptedCorrupter hippogryph, Big blizzard bear, Amani dragonhawk, Ghastly charger’s skull, Mottled drake, Riding turtle, Big battle bear, Blazing hippogryph, Wooly white rhino, Savage raptor.
Note that these mounts have a limited stock and only the ones that are priced will be available. For the ones that are currently not in stock, you can send us a request and we’ll keep you in mind and inform you when they show up.
Arena mounts: Vicious Saddle, Vicious War Croaker.
Ground mounts: Fallen Charger’s Reins, Sarge’s Tale, Talon’s Vengeance, Blanchy’s Reins, Void Talon of the Dark Star, Lucid Nightmare, Grey Riding Camel, Frightened Kodo, Draenor rare mounts, Ashhide Mushan Beast, Obsidian Krolusk.
Flying mounts: Reins of the Wanderer, Aeonaxx, Time Lost Proto Drake, The Hivemind, Smoldering Ember Wyrm, Long Forgotten Hippogryph.

If you don’t see your desired mount on the list in our mount section, don’t worry - you can send us a service request at https://blazingboost.com/wow/customservice and we will take care of the rest for you. For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our LiveChat 24/7 Support.