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Boost your Own Mythic+ Keystone

Buy WoW Mythic+ boost for your own keystone!

We will boost you through MULTIPLE RUNS upgrading your keystone each time up to Mythic+15, finishing it WITHIN THE TIMER.

Select your current Keystone level. We will complete AS MANY DUNGEONS as needed to get your Keystone to Mythic+15 and COMPLETE THE DUNGEON within the timer. This service awards an important achievement that will let you join most LFG groups!

Select your Keystone Level
Select your Keystone Level

We will complete a Mythic dungeon and get you a Keystone and then play as many Mythic+ as needed up to Mythic+15!

We will give your order priority and put it ahead of the queue. This will definitely reduce the ETA.

ETA: 1 Day

What is a Mythic+ dungeon?

Mythic+ dungeons are 5 player dungeons where you must try to finish the run before a timer runs out. The timer is applied to the dungeons you can play in Normal / Heroic / Mythic difficulty. Mythic+ is basically an extra difficulty which scales up further and further. For those who have played WoW in Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandaria, Mythic+ is similar to the old Challenger mode because of the timer . The reason it is called Mythic+ is because you can play the same dungeon with different modes of Mythic + difficulty. A level 5 Mythic+ dungeon is harder than a level 2 Mythic+ dungeon, but easier than a level 7 Mythic+ dungeon. The hardest kind is a level 10 Mythic+ dungeon, even if you can theoretically scale the Keystone up to an infinite number. You are likely to see in LFG (Looking for Group, in game) warnings such as Mythic+15 - this means that a Keystone of level 10 is being used. The dungeon will be 10 times harder than the Mythic version, with some specifics modifiers rotating every week (read below for more details).

Why should you buy a Mythic+ boost and how do the Mythic+ dungeons even work?

  • Pilot or Self-play: Blazingboost offers the possibility of doing the Mythic+ boosts in Pilot or Self-Play. In Pilot mode the booster takes control of your account for the duration of the boost and you just get all the rewards without having to lift a finger. If you choose Self-play you can participate in the boosting experience while the boosters assist you from their own account.

  • Difficulty: Mythic+ dungeons can get really tricky, especially with above level 10 Mythic. If the wrong “dungeon modifiers” combine it because very difficult to finish the dungeon with the set time.

  • Need for speed: Speed is very important in Mythic+ dungeons, although arguably less important than in the old Challenger mode. Each Mythic+ dungeon has a timer associated to it. Completing the dungeon, with its secondary objectives, within the set amount of time will get you the best rewards (in terms of Gear and Artifact power). Our boosters know the game inside out and can guarantee finishing the dungeons within the time limit or making sure to be fast enough for you to "3 chest" the dungeon, earning more rewards and upgrading your Keystone!

  • Rewards: Time is essential to rewards. You get better or worse rewards depending on the amount of time left on the clock. You can single chest, two chest or three chest the dungeon according to the amount of chests of loot and artifact power you get at the end of the dungeon.

    • Your Keystone upgrades by +1 if there is less than 20% of time remaining upon completion of the dungeon; by +2 if there is between 20 and 40% of time left; and by 3 if there is more than 40% of time remaining.

    • Loot chests are also awarded (for Mythic+ dungeons started with a non-depleted Keystone) depending on time left upon completion of the dungeon. +1 upgrade means a Challenger’s Cache; +2 means adding a Superior Challenger’s Cache; +3 adds a Peerless Challenger’s Cache. The level of the item within the cache depends on the level of the completed Mythic+ dungeon

    These are the specifics of Mythic+ dungeons. They are currently very popular in the playerbase and having the Keystone Master achievement (Mythic+15 completed in time) will grant you access to a wide amount of groups with very good players as the achievement is generally considered as note worthy. This shows how buying a Mythic+ boost will enhance your gaming experience as you will be able to play with better players.

    Alongside such obvious advantages, Mythic+ is actually the quickest way to get gear and artifact power. A great amount of Mythic+ dungeons will go a long way for the progression of your character. We are greatly convinced that you should not ever miss on the Weekly Class Hall chest! A weekly Mythic+ boost works like a charm.

  • The following week: The following week after completing a Mythic+ dungeon you get a chest in your Class Hall. The loot in that chest depends on the highest level of Mythic+ dungeon you finished the previous week.

How does a Mythic+ boost work?

We will play as many Mythic+ dungeons as needed to get your keystone to level 10, completing a Mythic+15 within the timer too!

  • Select your keystone: if you have a keystone of, say, Mythic+8, you will be boosted up to level 10. We will make sure to complete all the Mythic+ dungeons needed for you to earn the famous achievement.

  • If you don't have a keystone: we will play a standard Mythic dungeon and earn a Keystone of level 2. From that point, we will get it up to level 10! Each keystone starts from level 2, and seeing as we will be boosting yours, the slider on the bar automatically goes to "2".

  • Pilot or Self-Play: If you choose the pilot option a booster will login your account and play the dungeon for you. If you choose Self-Play you are hiring a booster to be on your team and help you beat the dungeon in record time.

    Last but not least, these two concepts apply to both "Buy a run" and "Boost your own keystone".

  • First contact: Once you have purchased the boost we get in contact with you to coordinate the finer details and give you an estimated time of completion of the boost. We will put you in conversation with our boosters in case you have picked the Selfplay option.

  • Constant support: If at anytime during the boost you have an issue, you can contact us via Skype or through the chat on our website.

What are the options?

Express: We will put you boost on the top of our list and complete it as fast as possible.

2 Chest / 3 chest: We will complete the dungeon faster, if you want.

Your Keystone / Our Keystone: As explained above, you can decide which keystone you want to use. Select the correct category!

  • Do all party members need a Mythic Keystone to enter the dungeon?

    No. Only one member of the party needs to place their Keystone “within the Font of Power inside the dungeon on Mythic difficulty”. Other players do not need a Keystone, and if they do not have one yet (and haven’t owned one sine the last weekly dungeon reset) they will be awarded one at the completion of the dungeon.

  • How can I obtain a Mythic Keystone?

    There are two ways one can get a Mythic Keystone, but bear in mind you can only ever own 1 Keystone at a time and you can only win 1 Keystone per week.

    • Get a level 2 Keystone by completing a Mythic dungeon (or a Mythic+ completed with a friend's keystone).

    • Once you have completed at least one Mythic+ dungeon, after a weekly dungeon reset, you can find a Keystone by Opening your Grand Challenger’s Bounty at the hall of your order.

  • By how much will the Mythic Keystone be upgraded at the end of the run?

    Your Keystone is upgraded by +1 if there is less than 20% of time remaining upon completion of the dungeon; by +2 if there is between 20 and 40% of time left; and by 3 if there is more than 40% of time remaining. If you do not have a keystone when you start the dungeon (and haven’t had one since the weekly dungeon reset) you will be awarded a new level 2 keystone.

  • Can I start a dungeon with a depleted Keystone?

    Yes you can! All you have to do is place it “within the Font of Power inside the dungeon on Mythic difficulty”.

  • What are the “dungeon modifiers”?

    When you activate a Keystone that is level 4, 7 and 10, a modifier with be cumulatively added to the dungeon. One modifier for level 4 Mythic+ and 3 for level 10 Mythic+ and beyond.

    • Bolstering: Killing trash mobs empowers nearby trash mobs.

    • Necrotic: Enemy melee attacks deal damage and reduce received healing through stacking debuffs.

    • Raging: Trash mobs get enraged when they hit 30% remaining health and deal 100% damage as a result until they die.

    • Sanguine: Mobs leave a puddle of blood behind them when they die that heals mobs and hurts players.

    • Skittish: Tanks are less effective at focussing attention.

    • Teeming: More mobs throughout the dungeon and the kill count requirement to get the loot at the end of the dungeon increases.

    • Volcanic: When in combat enemies can make lava erupts beneath players’ feet.

    • Grievous: Whenever you fall below 90% hp, a stacking debuff will damage you. This debuff needs to be healed as soon as possible!

    • Explosive: While in combat, enemies periodically summon Explosive Orbs that will detonate if not destroyed

  • Do I lose access to my account?

    No, you absolutely don't! Especially with Selfplay Mythic+ services, you can play whenever you want and just coordinate yourself with the team we will put you in touch with over Skype. With account sharing services, instead, you can play whenever you want and you shall inform us on Skype so that we can warn your booster too in case you wish to play on your own. However, doing so is likely to extend the length of your service.

  • Can I choose the boosting time?

    We do our best to accommodate your preferences but keep in mind that each group has its own playing times.

  • What does “Duration” mean?

    The “duration” or “ETA” of a boost is the amount of time we expect the boost will take. We always refund the service if the time required is double our ETA.

  • Do you allow refunds?

    We do allow refund, but conditions apply. Refunds are guaranteed if the fault rests with Blazingboost, which is the case if we can't assign your boost within double the ETA timer, as previously explained.

  • Who is going to boost me?

    Our boosters are handpicked from the very best WoW players. As you can see from our home-page video and the Why Us page, we are in contact with every single top player and PvE enthusiasts in the game. Your boost will be assigned to experienced groups and potentially to top guilds who have already cleared the Mythic content. If you have any complaints about your assigned group, please let us know and we will instantly change group for you.

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