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Seeing as it is now impossible to farm keystones (you cannot delete them anymore), this can create delays and the ETA may be broken.

To play with 1.5-2k players and push higher keys, we recommend
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Completing 1, 4 or 10 Mythic+ dungeons per week will give you more loot choices in your Weekly Great Vault.

With this option, we will complete another identical version of the service you are purchasing, with a 10% discount. If you order a specific dungeon key, we can complete two same keys of that specific dungeon, or two different keys. The choice is yours! This could however increase the ETA a little bit. This option cannot be stacked with other options that add more keys.

Our boosters will likely pick your orders before others as you are paying more. This can greatly reduce the ETA and we suggest this option if you need to get your weekly done some hours before the weekly reset, for example.

We will use your own keystone. The assignment and completion should be quicker as our boosters do not have to bring their keystone.

We will complete x1 Torghast Layer 12 clear for you!

We will complete x2 Torghast Layer 12 clears for you!

We will complete 4 total dungeons according to what you have selected on the bar. This is very useful for your Great Vault gear to have up to 2 choices. If you have selected the dungeon choice, you can choose 4 different dungeons in the note. This will increase the ETA by a few hours at most. This option cannot be stacked with other options that add more keys.

We will complete 10 total dungeons according to what you have selected on the bar. This is very useful for your Great Vault gear to have up to 3 choices. If you select the dungeon choice option, you can choose up to 10 different keys! However, this will increase the ETA by 1-2 days at most. This option cannot be stacked with other options that add more keys.

We will also have two traders of your gear type in the run! He will be able to trade you all loot. Choosing this option can increase the ETA a little bit, especially if you choose other combinations (key choice, or more).

We will also have one trader of your gear type in the run! He will be able to trade you all loot. Choosing this option can increase the ETA a little bit, especially if you choose other combinations (key choice, or more).


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Mythic+ dungeons are 5 player dungeons where you try to finish the run before a timer runs out. The timer is applied to the dungeons you can play in Normal/Heroic/Mythic difficulty. Mythic+ is basically an extra difficulty which scales up further and further. For those who have played WoW in Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandaria, Mythic+ is similar to the old Challenger mode because of the timer factor. The reason it is called Mythic+ is because you can play the same dungeon with different modes of Mythic + difficulty. A level 5 Mythic+ dungeon is harder than a level 2 Mythic+ dungeon, but easier than a level 7 Mythic+ dungeon. The hardest kind are level 15 and above Mythic+ dungeons. You are likely to see in LFG (Looking for Group, in game) warnings such as Mythic+10 - this means that a Keystone of level 10 is being used. The dungeon will be 10 times harder than the Mythic version, with some specific modifiers rotating every week (read below for more details).


Depending on the level of your keystone, you will be receiving items of an associated item level. The obvious goal is to get to the highest possible keystone in order to get the best possible items. We can get you up to the highest keystones effortlessly, as our M+ carry services provide you with all the necessary tools to thrive and prosper.


The main feature of Mythic+ is to allow you to take a step up in difficulty every time you complete a dungeon within the designated time -- you’ll be able to tackle a more difficult version of the same mobs and bosses, dealing more damage and having more hit points. Some players are dedicated to pushing the limits of efficiency and survivability and doing the highest keys possible -- this is known as ‘High Key Pushing’. This takes place on ‘Live’ servers throughout the entire season, though it tends to culminate as the season ends, as different teams are testing and optimizing every detail of the entire run.


Mythic+ ‘Speed running’ is another direction that the competitive scene has taken -- instead of trying to push the key up to the highest level, keys that are not challenging at the level of scaling are being speed ran. This takes group skill and coordination on a whole different level, and is celebrated at the MDI - Mythic Dungeon International. Along with Arena, Mythic+ is another e-sport officially supported by Blizzard.


Ever since M+ dungeons were released, they have seen a plethora of additions and changes. This is no different with Season 2 in Shadowlands. This includes an all-new seasonal affix (Tormented), a new scoring system for M+ dungeons,overall changes to the dungeons and keystones as well as additions to pre existing affixes.


Along with this, a new rotation has been added to all the available affixes. Based on this, you will be able to figure out what approach to take and how exactly to execute it for each individual dungeon. The new rotation can be viewed here:


The new Tormented affix presents you with a challenge to kill 4 lieutenant enemies, and for each one dead or left alive, you will be either rewarded or punished. For each one you kill, you will receive an Anima Power, while for each one left alive the final boss will have an aura that makes him stronger and harder to kill. Fret not though - if this seems a bit intimidating, you can always rely on our Mythic+ services! Regardless of the affix, our teams will be able to get you any dungeon you want done, Piloted or Selfplay, Timed or Non-timed.


All the dungeons have seen certain balancing changes in contrast to Season 1. Along with this, they have also seen some new additions. At the end of each timed dungeon, dealer Ta’hsup will spawn next to the chest and offer a one-time exchange of a Keystone that is at or below the level of the recently completed timed dungeon. This adds a lot of variability and direction with the dungeons that you will be playing, and removes a portion of the RNG element present in Season 1. However, this direction is something that our teams can provide with our various Mythic+ boosting services.

RAIDER.IO SCORE AND MYTHIC+ RATING score system has been the relevant metric for a long while now -- the higher the keys you have done, the more score you would have. However, in Season 2, Blizzard introduced a new rating system for Mythic+ dungeons. This serves the same purpose as, but given the fact that it is integrated into the game’s system, it might make obsolete in the future.


Blizzard’s Mythic+ rating IS NOT account-wide, so any progress you make on a character is strictly tied to that specific character. In this system, your overall rating is the sum of points you’ve made on the best run for each individual dungeon.


Meaning that if you have 187 in Da Other Side, 200 in Plaguefall and 206 in Necrotic Wake, your rating would be 593.

In contrast to, Blizzard’s system rewards players for completing dungeons on certain affix weeks, providing a bonus score on completing the dungeons on Tyrannical and Fortified weeks. What this basically means is that you should be running the highest keys on these affixes in order to get the highest score. Our M+ carry services offer the entire thing to be done precisely as you’d want them to, as long as it’s the right time of the week! You can get your rating up in no time. You can see how much rating you would get for each key, not including time bonuses or penalties here.


We are selling all Shadowlands M+ boosting services in EU / US. We strongly recommend Selfplay for maximum safety and enjoyment - watching real professionals complete all the dungeons for you is worth it, and you can learn along the way too!

The dungeon key choice is doable through the dropdown menu above the bar.

Every Mythic+ boost starts within 30min-2hours, outside of delicate cases with high keys that require more organization (simply because less teams are able to complete them). 


Mythic+ services are the most popular way to boost up your character. Unlike raids, the required set up is only 5-man instead of 20-man. The 5-man game-mode allows players to be more flexible with their time. Generally speaking, raids last for several hours whereas Mythic+ dungeons are usually done in about 30 minutes. Mythic+ dungeons are the best way to prepare for some of the other high-end game modes in WoW. Buying a Mythic+ boost is the best way to quickly boost your character.