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Cloak Rank

On this page you can order your Cloak rank, up to 15! Without Express, we will complete Assaults & Dailies for 4-5 Vessels per week, through Coalescing Visions. With Express, you will have priority and we will also get some Echoes for extra Vessels. With Super Express, we will actively farm Echoes (alongside Coalescing Visions) to get as many Vessels as possible

Choose your current and desired cloak rank

  • We will farm Coalescing Visions from assaults and dailies to complete Visions. If you choose Express options, our booster will also get more Vessels with Echoes.

  • If you are already on Rank 15, you can purchase a Malefic Core from here (5 Chest Vision). Alternatively, you can buy a N'zoth Heroic Kill from our Raid Calendar. You can get x2 Cores per week if you missed a reset!

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How the ranks work

RankItem levelCorruption resistanceSpecialSanity loss reduction (%)
648020Corruption Dispel Ability40
12492423.5k Main Stat Proc65
15+Capped+3 Per weekCapped

Upgrade it endlessly with a "Malefic Core" (drops in 5 Chest Vision or N'Zoth in Ny'Alotha).


What is Corruption?

The main feature of the latest patch is Corruption, and the various effects that come with it. Corruption is in a lot of ways something that is completely new to WoW - it allows a player to sacrfice their safety and survivability in order to make their character more potent: to do more damage, healing, and in some specific cases - it even increases their defensive potential, such as a Versatility proc or.increase Avoidance or Leech.

Horrific Visions of N’Zoth

Horrific Visions is the newest form of solo/group flexible content. Among other rewards such as Mementos, new Essences and the materials required to upgrade them, the main reward from Horrific Visions are used towards upgrading your legendary cloak: Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve. Upgrading your Cloak increases your Corruption resistance, and its item level - all the way up to 500! Every week, you’ll be able to upgrade your cloak level by 1, it being finally capped out at level 15. Of course, if you’ve missed upgrading your cloak on some weeks, or if you’ve just recently started gearing up an alt, you’ll be able to catch up with the cloak level.

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