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We run special deals and offers very often, depending on what is actual in the game, in order to provide people with opportunities to try something new at very affordable prices, or just get something that they are familiar with cheaper than they are used to. Regardless of what you are looking for, subscription plans will have you covered every step of the way.

What you can expect to find in terms of weekly WoW boosts are things such as weekly SoD runs, weekly arena boosts, and much much more. Keep a keen eye on this page to stay up to date with the freshest and best deals!


Our service subscriptions function in basically the same way as the WoW subscription. You purchase a certain type of service that will be done for you across all the resets in the month.

The premise of these WoW subscriptions is simple; get more for less and maintain a constant stream of progress. Our subscription services are perfect for people who are active players of WoW and want to establish a reliable schedule for themselves to progress as fast as possible, with either PvP or PvE content. You will have all the necessary tools at your disposal each and every reset, so you will be able to freely organize your playing time, and depending on the amount of things you need each reset, you will be able to book as many services as you want! You also have the ability to make your own custom subscription, so if none of the standard ones strike your fancy, you always have the luxury of making your own.


Since our subscriptions for WoW are very variable, and things constantly change, there are a lot of things that you can ensure for yourself. If you are looking to establish something long-term, you’ve come to the right place!

In terms of our Subscriptions, there is a wide variety to choose from since there is a lot of ground to cover in WoW. Other than weekly SoD runs (Normal/HC), we also offer weekly M+15 and Korthia services. If you are looking for something else, please feel free to request a custom subscription!

Our currently available offering include:

- Sanctum of Domination (Normal/HC)

- Mythic +15 (x1 / x4 / x10 Runs)

- Arena Schedule (2v2/3v3 Coaching)

- 1000 Anima & Maw Souls (once per week)

- x2 Layer 12 Torghast (once per week)