Prepare a character (Shadowlands)

We will create a new character on a copy account with your same data. You pay 50% upfront, we prepare the character, and we send it to you once you have paid the second 50% installment.

Order your pve character

Enjoy a geared character without having to work for it!

Get it on your MAIN account!

Order a character (pay 50% to book it)

We create the character, level it and gear it up according to your request

We transfer the character to YOUR ACCOUNT when it's ready and you pay the 50%

We will get you 150 points in a Gathering profession. Specify which one in the note!

We will get you 150 points in a Gathering profession. Specify which one in the note!

Our booster will complete all of the Sojourner achievements towards the Loremaster achievement in Shadowlands.

We will cal 4000 Conquest Points for you on this character!

Our booster will farm 200k gold. He will do so by selling materials, probably with a gathering profession.

Our booster will make sure to get a specific Legendary Power and keep it in bags before delivering you the character.

We will farm 1250 Soul Ash so that you can craft your first Legendary.

We will deliver you the character with 15k honor ready to be used!

We will deliver you the character with Renown 25.



Level 120 Frost Death Knight

ilvl Lvl 60 only
Your Death Knight will have:
    Full price: €0.00
    50% to pay later: €0.00

    We will give you a private link for the second payment

    ETA: Priority

    We will speed up the process and reduce the ETA by 30%. If we fail, we will refund you the extra cost


    Order a Character

    In the latest patch of 8.3., preparing alt characters, or even catching up after not playing for a long time can be very difficult. Obtaining all of the different essences, which are basically necessary in order to be competitve on your character can take a really long time. Unlike some of the previous expansions, BFA has been very alt-unfriendly. It can take several weeks, or sometimes even a month to prepare a fresh character.

    Character progression has a very clear cut path: starting with world quests and emissaries, towards normal raid and low M+ keys, the process takes a really long time.Even just a few weeks into the new patch, you will need pretty good gear to join any pick-up group, and a highHigh Mythic+ key is needed every week in order to gain enough Titan Residuum.

    With our Order a Character services, we will prepare a completely fresh character to be merged with your account in the minimum amount of time possible. As per the selected item level, our booster will be focusing on Castle Nathria and rewards from Mythic+, as well as the Heart of Azeroth essentials.

    By choosing additional features regarding your legendary cloak, the booster will also be working on the legendary cloak questline, and the cloak upgrades. Upgrading your Cloak increases your Corruption resistance, and its item level - all the way up to 500! Every week, you’ll be able to upgrade your cloak level by 1 until you reach the current cap, it being finally capped out at level 15. Cloak progression, unlike some other things, is not account bound, which means that every character needs to progress through the new content individually.

    How does it work?

    Our booster will create a new account using your credentials: Full Name, Country, and Date of Birth. Once the service is completed, you will receive all of the account details and you will be able to connect it with your main account. Afterwards, you can simply merge it with your main account, and it will share all account-bound features.

    Your new character will share all of the account-wide progress, including mounts, battle pets, achievements, trannsmogrification pieces, as well as the majority of titles, even third-party progression trackers such as or Our Order a character services allow you to jump into a new character, stamped by the identity of your main character.

    What’s new in 8.3?

    Horrific Visions is the newest form of solo/group flexible content. Among other rewards such as Mementos, new Essences and the materials required to upgrade them, the main reward from Horrific Visions are used towards upgrading your legendary cloak: Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve

    The main feature of the latest patch is Corruption, and the various effects that come with it. Corruption is in a lot of ways something that is completely new to WoW - it allows a player to sacrfice their safety and survivability in order to make their character more potent: to do more damage, healing, and in some specific cases - it even increases their defensive potential, such as a Versatility proc or.increase Avoidance or Leech.

    Castle Nathria is the final raid of the expansion. After a long build up throughout BFA, champions of Azeroth finally get to face against the Old God, N'zoth The Corruptor.

    The newest seasonal affix, Awakened, introduces a significant change in the Mythic+ Dungeon meta, allowing for a lot more flexibility in the team composition, as well as bringing surprising viability from some long-forgotten specializations. Some classes are able to high corruption levels better than other classes which allows them to compensate with even more damage in the Mythic+ dungeons.

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