Order your PVP character

Enjoy a geared character without having to work for it!

  • Order a character(pay 50% to book it)

  • We create the character, level it and gear it up according to your request

  • We transfer the character to YOUR ACCOUNT when it's ready and you pay the 50%

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You will receive a link to pay the 2nd part once the character is ready

First instalment (50%)
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Do you want to jump into PVP but you cannot be bothered with all the tedious grind, although you're afraid to account share? This is the service for you.

Jumping in at this point of the season without gear is impossible: all of your opponents are armed to the teeth and you simply can't fight back as your character is too behind, or you want to reroll and it'd be impossible to be competitive right away. You wouldn't have the right legendary, your conduits would be behind, you'd have to grind Renown to 80 again. You'd probably be Honor starved really quickly. Oh, and let's not forget your 4 tier set bonus!

As usual, this season has its FOTM classes that are the most favored, hence why we really understand the annoyance of having to start almost from scratch on a new alt. At Blazingboost, we all play WoW Shadowlands and our operators have wanted to reroll to get higher rated in arena. That's why we conceptualized this service.  
The meta is bursty and your game experience can become miserable quite quickly if you aren't geared. 
And we are completely aware that gamers are growing, have a job, more responsibilities, and starting a new character from scratch is the least of your desires.

We will help you. 

We will make a new account with your credentials, create the character, farm PVP gear up, then send this character to your main account!
This service does NOT include account sharing, making it very safe. If you follow up on our tips, you should be completely fine.


Are you a Mistweaver monk wanting to reroll to Holy Priest? We feel you!

As explained above, the season is imbalanced (as usual) and many players want to reroll. However, leveling up a new class / alt is very time consuming and account sharing is may not be everyone's piece of cake. That's why this system exists. 

How does the Order a PvP Geared character boost exactly work?

“Order a PVP Character” services are designed to let you enjoy the fun and exciting parts of the game by helping you skip the long and time-consuming grinding process during leveling and gearing up.

We will create a new Battle.net account using your credentials: full name, country, and date of birth. This is done to ensure the successful delivery of the character to your main account. Our order a PVP character boost is highly customizable:

 - you can select the item level you’d like your character to be delivered at 
 - 4 PVP Tier Set Bonus
 - Maximum Renown for the covenant of your choice, or Multiple covenant choices
 - Mage tower set Appearance
and more!

If you would like to customize your character further, our support team will gladly assist you and create a perfect character for you to fully enjoy the game. 

The payment system for Shadowlands character boost is flexible and comfortable - you pay 50% upfront, we prepare the character, and send it to you once you have paid the second 50% installment. Alternatively, you can pay in one installment - whichever is more convenient for you. You can contact us if you want to pay for everything at once. 

Is this safe? What's the procedure? What about the account costs?

This service is done without account sharing. The booster will not log on to your account. That's why this service is safer than standard services that include account sharing where the booster will log on to your account and play.

The standard payment system of this service requires you to pay just the 50% first installment. You don't pay for everything at once (but you can if you want to).  We cover all costs for the new account (keys, game time, transfer, etc). 

Once you make the purchase, you need to provide us with your first and last name as well as the country of your residence, so we can make a copy of your account. That being done we will create a character, get it ready, and once ready we will transfer the character to your main account.

The account holder's credentials need to match so we can successfully perform the transfer. Once the transfer is completed, a new alt will show up on your main account.

Why should you pick this system and not a Leveling + Pvp Gear standard boost?

This system is simply safer, due to no account sharing and you can play on your account without the booster interrupting your gameplay. Due to the current way gearing works in PVP you need to spend countless hours of farming to upgrade your conquest gear. Therefore it's much more convenient to purchase the "Order a PVP character" service and enjoy your own gameplay experience without interuptions. 

When will we start your Order a PvP Character boost in Shadowlands?

As soon as you buy, we will start selecting the best possible booster for your order according to your desired options, gear, and more. This usually takes a few hours, but our aim is to start within the same day. This is usually done if we are in touch on Discord and you confirm with us the name/surname and all the other details necessary to start creating your new alt on the new copy account we will create. 

Once we have started, our support team will be in touch with you through Discord and keep you consistently updated on the progress of your WoW character's gear and loot progress. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any point. As an example, you can decide to customize your character some more (another profession, or a specific piece of gear to farm, etc)... We can ask the booster to do so and we will help you with the appropriate payment for your addition.