Personal Angel Coaching in WoW Dragonflight

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: Starts in 2-48 Hours usually

Service info


We will put you in touch with one of our Multi Rank 1 pro of your own class.
Your Personal angel will watch you play with your partners or our coaches(additional coaching purchase necessary) and give you real time advice and callouts for the most important cooldowns. He will show you what you need to keep your eye on and how to focus your attention to different aspects of the game.

- Rank 1 players know when the damage is coming, they know when you need to pre-emptively press a defensive cooldown and what your win conditions are.

- Have the combined knowledge of every guide you can think of in your ear, available instantly.

- By default, your Personal Angel will be a Rank 1 player but higher tiers (Tournament/Celebrity pro) are available through extra options.

- You will see an improvement on a game to game basis instead of hundreds or even thousands of games.
With this service, you will become a better player

Requirements / Rules

  • Discord screen sharing during your live session is required for this service, and a working microphone will definitely increase the quality of the service!
  • Show up on scheduled times with the assigned player. Keep in mind there can be rare cases out of our control. You are free to use these hours as you prefer; however, good time organisation together with proper committment from both parties is essential to have a good experience.
  • As a general rule, Coaching services do not guarantee you any rating or particular titles. Please understand how we have no idea how good you are as a player and we don't know how far can our professional players help you with his tips and guidelines. We can assure you we will grant you players of great performance and knowledge - if that isn't the case, let us know right away so that we can reassign you to a better teacher.
  • What happens right after purchasing?

    We need you to please join this server ''. Once you are there, search for "BlazingBoost DF#2022" and message us! A friend request will be needed later to get you in touch with your coachers.

  • What can I do with my Personal Angel?

    The generic idea is to have them watch while you play in real time while giving you tips and call urgent cooldowns! Giving you extensive feedback during queue times while the games are still fresh in your mind is the most beneficial aspect of this service. Feel free to ask questions during games or during queues as well. 

  • Do I need a microphone?

    We encourage you to communicate with the coach in order to have a good experience with them. Not being able to speak may significantly reduce the results.

  • Can I tip the coacher?

    Sure! However, due to our policy and contract, coaches are not allowed to accept private payments from our customers. Any tip has to be sent to Blazingboost, who will then fully forward the extra money together with the Coaching payment to the coacher.

  • What is your refund policy?

    With Coaching services, if we cannot find you a player within 4-5 days you are entitled to ask for a refund. If the service is started but not completed, you can obtain a partial refund of the hours of coaching you have not received.


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