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Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Carry is available! Make sure to kill at least 2 bosses every week for your Great Vault loot. The new high level gear will give you an amazing head start and allow you to stay ahead of the crowd. Here we offer you the opportunity to order a normal raid carry, on US servers.
On this page you can order raid runs without a specific time slot, and as soon as the purchase is placed, we will offer you the earliest available run! 
There is also another great option: Our Raid Calendar, where available guilds post scheduled runs daily. That way you can plan your time better and organize your playing schedule.
However, not all available guilds use our calendar, that is why you can purchase a raid service from here. Doing so will create a demand and our guilds will be encouraged to make a raid group for you and boost you as soon as possible.



Our company has been in the boosting business since 2012. We are perfectly aware of the needs and frustrations of most WoW players.

We always try to provide the most experienced, friendly, organized teams which will make your experience enjoyable. You can learn a thing or two, have fun, get some rewards and achievements.
What you can expect from us, if you decide to go with our raid services:
- a truthful and precise time of completion for your order
- a good price with high quality of booster teams
- easy to use website chat and discord support - that will help you with any questions about your order (available 24/7).
- we always try to accomodate to your schedule, and solve any issues that you may have 

Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a good experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can show you the amount of people that are satisfied with our services and trust us. We have over 22 000 reviews and an excellent 5/5 rating.


With the 9.2 update, we can now finally enter the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid and lay waste to Zovaal, The Jailer himself. Bear witness to the culmination of the whole story and the epic ending to the Warcraft 3 saga.
If you were looking for a raid carry, you’ve come to the right place! Raids deserve a special place in the WoW community, it is an endgame activity that everybody strives to complete.
In theory every raid should be a culmination of everything that you went through during a patch, it's the icing on the cake, a reward for every player who loves the game. Of course that is not always the case. You can encounter a number of issues while preparing for the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.
Your character has to be up-to-date, best enchants, covenant renown, conduits, sockets, reputations, and more. You will also have to find a guild, or waste your time trying to pug it. Let us save you from all the trouble and provide you with all the tools ourselves!

We will find one of the best professional teams for you, who will storm through SotFO with no effort. Whatever your goals are, our SotFO carry services will make them come true! Whether it is “Ahead of the Curve” (available on Heroic or higher difficulty), gear and equipment, or even “Cutting Edge” (available exclusively on Mythic), we will have it done with no questions asked.

Along with all the achievements that raids can provide, they are also a source of very high item level gear.
You can see the expected item levels below:
LFR: Item Level 239-246
Normal Difficulty: Item Level 252-259
Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 265-272
Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 278-285


Based on our boosting experience Selfplay services are very safe, since there is no account sharing involved, that is why we always suggest to choose Selfplay, when it is possible. Moreover Selfplay raid carries are the safest option that is available on the market.
For any additional questions about safety please always contact us, we will always warn you about any possible risks regardless of the service that you want to buy.


Once your Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid order has been placed, the next step that you need to make is to join our “Contact Only” Discord server: “https://discord.gg/Sef6HKC”. This will allow you to message our Discord support account “BlazingBoost SL#2022” for SL.
In case you have issues finding us there, there is an option to just send us a friend request (to that same discord). After we get in touch with you and confirm your order, our discord support will search for a raid team that can complete your order. Right after a raid team is found, a conference on discord will be created with you and your raid team. You will find out when your run is going to happen and you can communicate with your team in that conference. If you purchased the run from our raid calendar, the searching for the team part will be skipped, since you will already have an available team with the specific time for the raid.

Please be available on discord and in game at the time for the raid. You will be invited, or asked, to join our raid group through the LFG system and then the best of our players will boost you through the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.


The new 9.2 patch (also called Eternity's End) brought us a lot of new content. With this WoW Shadowlands update we have the opportunity to explore a brand new zone: Zereth Mortis. Zereth Mortis contains a new self-contained progression system in Cypher of the First Ones, many new cosmetics, pets, and mounts, created through the Protoform Synthesis system, and new crafting and gathering materials for every profession, which are used to craft the new maximum item level Legendaries.


The biggest update is the introduction of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. This raid will feature 11 new bosses with amazing battles, and it will culminate in a battle against the Jailer.
This is the complete list of all the bosses in the order in which you must defeat them:
Vigilant Guardian
Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener
Artificer Xy'mox
Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle
Prototype Pantheon
Lihuvim, Principal Architect
Halondrus the Reclaimer
Anduin Wrynn
Lords of Dread
The Jailer

The first week of Sepulcher of the First Ones, (or the second week of the 9.2 patch) will bring us encounters with the first 8 bosses on Normal and Heroic difficulty - that means that Anduin will be the final boss of the first week. During the 2nd week, other 3 bosses will become available as well on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty.
Tier Sets are back in the Sepulcher of the First Ones where 5 inventory slots are used by Tier Sets - Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves and Legs.

In addition to all this:
- The third Mythic+ and PvP Seasons will start when the update goes live. A new Keystone Affix is being introduced for Mythic+ runs, and Keystone Masters will unlock a new mount.
- Torghast will be receiving four more layers of difficulty in its regular wings, bringing the maximum layer up to 16. There is a new wing of Torghast known as the Jailer's Gauntlet.