100% Title Guarantee (Rank 1) in WoW Shadowlands
Extra Options
With this option, we will change the method and send the character to your own main account. This can take longer to organize and extend the ETA a bit. If we cannot find someone, a full refund is NOT guaranteed. We can change your service.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: All season.

Service info


This service GUARANTEES you a character with a Rank 1 title obtained in the current season.
It can be completed in multiple ways.
1) One of our boosters will get Rank 1 on his own account and then you will receive the character. Under certain circumstances, the character would land on your own main account. Please discuss this with our support to see whether it is applicable in your specific case.

2) Our booster will create a new account under your own name-surname, with a VPN.
You will transfer your own character to this account and we will boost it to Rank 1. Once the season is over and the title is awarded, the booster will send the character back to your own account.

3) Our booster will create a new account and level up a new character on it, eventually earning Rank 1. This account will be delivered to you. Generally speaking, the result is having a new account to play on with a Rank 1 character. However, it could be possible to use your own name and surname.

This service is very elite and we complete it a few times every year. We ask you to please buy it if you have either discussed this with us on Discord or if you are ready to give us a some flexibility in terms of class choice and completion time.
The spots are very limited and little players are willing to complete such a service. 

Requirements / Rules

The description of this service carefully describes the way we complete the Title Guarantee service for Rank 1.

According to the method we will use to complete the service, we may need a lot of time. Purchasing this service in the last month of the season could be complicated as the booster may need to level up, gear up and catch up (this depends on the current patch's gearing system).
If you buy it too late into the season, we could be forced to postpone it to the following season.

Please do not buy this service unless you have a clear agreement with the support on the feasibility of its completion - the spots are limited!

  • Why do you say "Guarantee"?

    Guaranteeing this service means that according to our predictions and logic, there's virtually no chance of being disqualified. This means that if we manage to complete the service, you will safely receive a character with a title on it.

  • What about the refund policy?

    The refund policy is carefully explained within our Terms of Service on the purchase page. Please understand how if the farming is completed and the rating boost is not, your refund will be almost full but we will keep something to pay the farmer. You will be free to do anything you want with the character we will have farmed up.

  • What are my options if you fail?

    If we fail the service, you can either get partially (almost full) refunded, or postpone the service to the following season. The biggest problem with this service is the farming part, which is long and tiresome but guarantees extra safety to your title.

  • Do I lose access to my main account?

    No you don't, as we will play on a separate account..

  • What will I need to do?

    Firstly, you will have to tell us your name-surname for us to create a copy Battle net account to play on. We will handle the rest. In some circumstances, we might also need your ID card to make sure we can send you the character. This will be needed according to case specific situations (i.e. how the season is proceeding or availability of boosters, which might force us to complete the service differently). 

  • Can I pick the class/name/faction of my character?

    Yes you can, but we like to advice the easiest class to boost and we will have a final word on the faction of the character.

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