Void Talon of the Dark Star in WoW Shadowlands

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 1-10 Days (Never spawns on Wednesday - Thursday - some parts of Fridays) - Longer ETA at expansion start

Service info


We will deliver you a Void Talon of the Dark Star mount. No account sharing! We will coordinate with you and tell you when to login to loot the mount, while our mount farmers / experts hunt for it all the time.

Disclaimer: due to Blizzard merging various servers in August 2020 and reducing the amount of server resets, there are less spawns of the Void Talon. Therefore, the mount's ETA can be flexible. At the start of any expansion Blizzard is doing maintenance often which resets the spawn period and due to that ETA is longer until game settles to a normal weekly maintenance cycle.

Requirements / Rules

Two Horde and two Alliance alts - can be Trial characters. They are suggested to maximize the efficience and speed of the service.

  • What happens right after purchasing?

    We need you to please join this server 'https://discordapp.com/invite/Sef6HKC'. Once you are there, search for "BlazingBoost SL#2022" and message us! A friend request is not needed to get in touch with us, especially because too many contact requests and acceptances may trigger Discord's anti spam bot.

  • What is an ETA? 

    All of our services have an "Estimated Time" of completion. It consists in the usual duration of the service which we have experienced with previous boosts of similar type. We love being honest with our customer base - it is impossible for us to be completely sure about the length of your service, but we will always do our best to stay within the Estimate Time by asking all of our available boosters! 

  • When will you start? What should I expect? 

    Our internal systems allow us to quickly message our boosters who previously gave availability for this service type. As soon as we see your order, we will message our players. Soon afterwards, the order will be visible in our list of open orders to all of our boosters, to maximize the assignment speed. We are happy to say that we have dozens of people online throughout the day for most services, especially at peak time. As per the site rules, the ETA is the deadline that we impose to our players to finish the service. If they complete it earlier, they may obtain bonuses, hence why every player has the best reasons to start and finish your order ASAP! 

  • What is your refund policy?

    You can always ask for a refund if the service has not been started yet. As per our terms and conditions, the service starts once a booster has been found and the order has been organised. After the service's start, you can ask for a cash refund if we do not complete it within double the ETA - in that case we are obliged to give you your money back for the part of the order that was not completed yet. In any case, if you experience delays caused by us or our player, we will always offer you a compensation (partial refunds, future discounts, website credit, or similar) even if it is not a cash refund case. We are on your side!


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