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With our Courses we offer a variety of special lessons and courses you can choose from, to improve in every little aspect of the game or as a whole.

We all know that practice is important, but not everything! Hence why we offer some special lessons, to let you learn everything you need to achieve all the results you ever desired. We offer 3 main Courses:

- Legend Training: our PROs will help you learn and understand your favorite legend champion, how the abilities work, and how to use it as its best to get the maximum advantage in every situation.

- Map Knowledge: our PROs will help you learn your way around the map, how to plan each rotation accordingly, which are the best spots in the final rings, and much more.

- Aiming Course: our PROs will help you improve your aim, help you understand the recoil of guns, and which guns are currently being "Meta" to use in Ranked games.

If you are interested in all of them, we also got you covered! Pick our Apex Legends Starter Pack that includes all courses and 2h of Personal Angel (a PRO will watch your gameplay LIVE, and analyze it giving you tips on how face every situation).

The goal of these Apex Legends Coaching Courses is to make you improve as a player, to allow you to enjoy every moment of the game, eliminating that sense of frustration of getting stomped due to the lack of skill, and instead, to make you the player who wins his fights without having to work too hard.



Which is the difference between Hardcore Coaching with Gameplay and Coaching Courses?

Our coaching courses are specifically designed to teach you everything about specific aspects of the game, like legends, maps, rotations, and many more. The main focus of these services, is to let you learn all the necessary ins and outs: for this reason, the major part of this courses is built to let you chat and discuss with our pros, rather than playing with them to obtain specific results (like ranked points for example).

On the other side, our Hardcore Coaching with Gameplay Services, that you can find here, are specifically designed to let you play with our PROs, while you have fun, improve, and obtain all the results you desire.

How does the service work exactly? Do I have to share my account?

After purchasing Coaching Course, you do NOT have to share your account! You will be playing with professional players, or chatting with them while reviewing some footage.

Once your payment has been completed, please add us on Discord at "BlazingBoost Apex Legends#3206and we will get you in touch with your assigned player. You can schedule a time, meet in game, and play! 

Which are the benefits of purchasing a Coaching Course in Apex Legends?

Generally speaking, the aim is to become a better player, learn, and have fun with amazing team mates. Nowadays, it is normal to be a busy gamer: you come home from work, you want some nice and good people to play with, and you just can't find any.

Specifically, we could say that the benefits are:

- You will not give your account to anyone, you will play on your own account and complete every activity you want thanks to our PROs.
- You will improve your gameplay, skills, and knowledge about undervalued topics
- You will learn a lot of tricks that you would have maybe picked up in years of gameplay 

Which other Coaching Courses can I find on BlazingBoost?

In our Courses Section you can find a variety of services that are mainly focused on specific topics and arguments, like for example improve you aim, learn more about maps and rotations, and many more.

But this is only a small part of our whole Coaching Section: infact on the Personal Angel Section is revolved around having a PRO watching your LIVE gameplay from a third party perspective.

On the other hand instead, if you are not able or you don't want to provide your LIVE gameplay, we got you covered. You can visit the Recorded Footage section: here you can purchase a specific amount of hours in which our PRO will watch you recorded gameplay, providing the same kind of advices that you would get with a Personal Angel Session; keep in mind tho that there is a huge difference between receiving the same advices LIVE or delayed after the game, hence why we always suggest to go for the LIVE version if you are able to.

Who is going to play with me?

All of our Coachers and PROs are routinely tested and background checked. This ensures you will always be matched with players who:

- are professional and good at playing with customers
- have a good teaching oriented mindset
- are extremely good at the game
- have reached the highest rank in the game (Master/Predator), have a very good K/D ratio, compete in international tournaments, or similar

Do I have to talk?

You are not forced to, but voice communication is heavily encouraged. If you wish, our players will certainly get their headset on and talk to you, guiding you through the games and ensuring you learn!

Why should I choose BlazingBoost for my Apex Legends Coaching Course?

We are passionate gamers as much as you are. We've been in the industry since 2012, and with so many years of experience we've also earned a high expertise in e-commerce and customers relationships. Simply put, we are perfectly aware of what consumers want online:

- Consumer rights must be respected. Strange refund rules not to give back your money are absolutely forbidden by the law and by best business practices. We work hard to ensure you are always safe and that all of your consumer rights are respected.
- High speed at a good price
- Competent and friendly players
- Precise support available 24/7 that gives you clear and direct answers, rather than letting you waste time for hours without getting to a solution

If you wish to know more, simply check our Trustpilot and see what other thinks of us! With 25.000+ reviews, we have the best TrustPilot in the industry.