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Why Blazingboost for your League of Legends services?

Easy and Clean Refund Policy

We want you to shop with a peace of mind.

If you are unhappy about your assigned player or anything goes wrong, we will always refund or compensate you according to the case.

If the order has not been set up yet, you can ask for your money back. You are in control.

Strong Entry Barrier For Our Players

Our recruitment team is ran by professional players who play at a high level.

It is not very easy to join our roster, and to stay in it. We test our players quite often.

This guarantees a high quality of service, as we want to serve our customers with the best players the market has to offer.

Real Focus on Account Safety

We are obsessed in ensuring your account is as safe as possible, always. It's our #1 priority.

Our pros are screened. We check their gameplay and routinely test them. We take all possible measures to ensure there is no cheating, hacks, or exploits of any kind.

More Info

BlazingBoost League of Legends Services


Our League of Legends section is back and better than ever! Our goal was to reevaluate our approach and make sure what we provide is top of the line, no compromises given. After 12 years in the industry, we evolved and so did our LoL section. In short, what we have done is:

  • Expanded our offering of services to encompass more players' activities
  • Recruited, tested and made ready some of the best players/coachers to help you reach new heights in Ranked play
  • As always, we're here for you 24/7 - either on Discord or Live Chat, to answer questions, guide you and troubleshoot as the need arises.

If you ever feel compelled to see what our customers are saying about our services and quality of support, head on over to our TrustPilot page and the ever growing (currently over 34,000) 5 Star Reviews. They speak for themselves.


What will you find on our new and improved League of Legends section?

  • Rank boost in both Solo and Duo Queue, with the added option to opt for Flex Queue boost.
  • Rank Placement Matches which you can choose for Solo and Duo play
  • Quick Play for those of you who just want to relax and play the game to have fun
  • Hourly Coaching and Training courses with a dedicated coach
  • Account leveling where the grind is done by hand, 100% guaranteed!


Please head on over to the category or service of your liking or reach out to us on Discord or Live chat so we can help you with your choice. The League of Legends section at BlazingBoost awaits you at your leisure!



What is LoL boosting?

The activity of helping a player improve in his gameplay, overcome a challenge or reach a rank with the help of a professional player can be considered a League of Legends boosting. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberb - some players simply don't have the time to grind hours upon hours on a daily basis, yet would still like to have an account which will allow them to play competitively. This is what it's called a piloted or account-sharing boost. We offer both types of boosting, though favor the self-play services, mainly for safety and the ability to play the game yourself with the help of professional players.

How safe are elo boosting services?

Play in any Duo service guarantees safety since you will be getting a League of Legends elo boosting (or coaching) with a fellow professional player. It's no different than playing with a friend who helps you throughout the match. 
Account-sharing services carry a small risk simply because they are against the game's TOS. However, we understand the need of busy players who simply don't have the time to grind daily. This is where we come in. To clarify, so far, we haven't experienced any bans whatsoever.

What rank are your LoL Boosters?

When you buy LoL boosting services at Blazingboost, you can rest assured that all of our services are completed by contracted individuals. These players are at the top of their field, usually in top 100-500 ranked brackets. They are rigorously tested with official and unofficial services and are there to provide you with a fun and engaging gaming sessions, where the objective is always guaranteed.

How quickly can you start?

The start of any and all League of Legends boosting service is dependent on the ETA. Each service is different so when ordering, you can look for this segment which can be found right above the "buy now" button. We try to be as expedient as possible with every service. However, please understand:

  • Some more complex services may require more time to be arranged
  • Perhaps you are purchasing at a time when not many of our pros are up
  • Many similar orders may be purchased at the same time

All of these factors may impact the starting time. Still, should you want to start soon, you can also consider getting Express/Super Express options. These make the service more attractive to be picked up by the boosters and they usually can cut the starting time by even 50%!

Where can I communicate with you about my service?

Once you purchase any League of Legends boosting or coaching service, you will be directed over on our official Discord channel. This is where our communication with customers and boosters takes place. A personal conversation will be created and depending on the service (self-play or account-sharing) you will be instructed by our Discord support staff. You can message us at any time either in the convo or on our Live Chat, 24/7 - we will answer in a prompt fashion!

What do I do once I make a purchase?

We will be sending you a confirmation email once the order has been made. You will also be instructed to join our Discord so the League of Legends boosting service can commence. Discord is essential for our communication since it's there where you will be communicating with both us and the booster(s) for your service. If there's any issue or question, you can message us and expect an immediate answer.