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Why Blazingboost for your Valorant services?

Easy and Clean Refund Policy

We want you to shop with a peace of mind.

If you are unhappy about your assigned player or anything goes wrong, we will always refund or compensate you according to the case.

If the order has not been set up yet, you can ask for your money back. You are in control.

Strong Entry Barrier For Our Players

Our recruitment team is ran by professional players who play at a high level.

It is not very easy to join our roster, and to stay in it. We test our players quite often.

This guarantees a high quality of service, as we want to serve our customers with the best players the market has to offer.

Real Focus on Account Safety

We are obsessed in ensuring your account is as safe as possible, always. It's our #1 priority.

Our pros are screened. We check their gameplay and routinely test them. We take all possible measures to ensure there is no cheating, hacks, or exploits of any kind.

More Info

BlazingBoost, founded in 2012, is dedicated to serving the gaming community with professional services. We have expanded our expertise to include various games, and now we proudly offer Valorant boosting!

Just like with our other games, we maintain our core values in the world of Valorant:

  • We strictly prohibit cheating or exploiting game mechanics in any form. Our Valorant Pro Players are regularly tested internally to ensure a safe and fair experience.
  • Our focus is on helping customers improve their skills and enjoy the game at the highest level. We highly recommend our Selfplay services for any Valorant carries.
  • We provide professional players with an opportunity to earn from their passion for gaming. Our team members undergo detailed background checks to ensure they are friendly, excellent at the game and will help you enjoy the time spent together with them. 
  • If you encounter any issues or are dissatisfied with our service, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to resolving problems and providing appropriate compensation or refunds. Your satisfaction and consumer rights are our top priorities.

At BlazingBoost, we are thrilled to offer you a Valorant Boosting service that revolves around your needs as a customer. When you choose us, you're not just purchasing a gaming service but embarking on a complete experience. Our team of passionate gamers is dedicated to making you feel comfortable throughout every interaction, from your first Livechat message to conquering the toughest challenges in the game alongside our expert Professionals!



What does buying a Valorant boost mean?

Buying a Valorant boost means hiring professional Valorant players to help your in-game performance and progress.With a Val boosting service, skilled players will play alongside you to help you achieve specific goals in the game and help you reach your desired rank.

This can include increasing your win rate and rank, completing challenging missions or objectives, earning rewards, or improving your overall mechanical or gameplay skills.

You will have an opportunity to learn and grow from the best, and have fun doing so!

Is getting a Valorant boost cheating?

In simple words: no. Getting a Valorant boost is in no way considered cheating. However, using 3rd party programs or other ways to mess with the game is and we at Blazing, strongly prohibit anything that goes against Riot Games' codes of conduct.

When you get a boosting service for Valorant at Blazing, all you're getting is help from a highly skilled player. No cheats allowed - just pure skill, sweat and tears!

Can Valorant Boosting really help me improve my gameplay?

Yes, boosting in Valorant can indeed help improve your gameplay. When you opt for a boost, you have the opportunity to play alongside highly skilled and experienced players who can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Here's how Valorant Boosting and Coaching can contribute to your gameplay improvement:

1. Observation and Learning: Playing alongside or watching skilled players during a boost allows you to observe how they move, how they rotate around the map, and how they use their Agent in a team of other complementary players. 

2. Communication and Coordination: Pro players know how to call out precisely, which you can pick up easily enough. No need for random banter - you will know how to report swiftly, know when to call, and how to request backup. Everything is accounted for!

3. Adaptation and Game Sense: Valorant is a game where a quick decision can mean a loss or a win. By playing with pros who have excellent game sense and can 1v3, you will quickly learn what is needed to adapt to a given situation. You will also gain lots of insight into decision making which can and will help you save your skin when grinding.

4. Higher-Rank Exposure: The harder they are, they harder they fall! The same goes for Valorant - playing with pros means you will be faced against higher-level opponents. You will be tested constantly and you will naturally improve by "getting good."

Why should I buy a Valorant boost?

There are several reasons why you might consider buying a Valorant boost:

1. Rank Advancement: If you're hard-stuck, getting some much-needed help from a pro will give you a boost in a literal sense. With our Valorant Rank Boosting Services, you will be more motivated to give your best but also, see what is needed to progress without the constant need to carry your (usually horrible) teammates.

2. Skill Improvement: pro players have spent thousands of hours mastering the game. You can benefit from their experience and gameplay tips when playing together. They will have lots of advice and tactics to share while playing together.

3. Time Efficiency: Some players may have limited time to dedicate to Valorant but still wish to experience high-level gameplay or obtain certain rewards. A boost can save you time by accelerating your progress and allowing you to enjoy advanced content without investing excessive hours into the game.

4. Confidence gain: Going for a duo boosting and achieving desired results can increase your motivation but also, improve your micro-decision making. This is super important in Valorant, where every second counts!

Why should I buy a Valorant Coaching session?

Investing in a Valorant Coaching session offers tailored guidance to enhance your gaming prowess. A skilled coach serves as your mentor, leveraging their experience to provide invaluable insights, strategies, and techniques personalized to your strengths and weaknesses. Unlike self-learning, coaching accelerates your improvement trajectory by focusing on areas needing development.

Valorant Coaching sessions adopt a structured approach, enabling coaches to analyze your gameplay, pinpoint improvement opportunities, and offer constructive feedback. This targeted attention helps you overcome hurdles hindering your progress, facilitating rapid skill advancement.

Moreover, coaching extends beyond mechanical skills, fostering a deep understanding of game mechanics, map control, team dynamics, and decision-making. This comprehensive learning equips you to adapt adeptly in diverse gaming scenarios, maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield.

Ultimately, investing in a Valorant Coaching session is a strategic decision for anyone seeking to elevate their gaming proficiency and excel in Valorant's competitive arena. With expert guidance, you'll navigate your journey to mastery with confidence and precision.

Why should I buy a Valorant Training plan?

Our Valorant training plans offer many benefits to enhance your gaming experience and skills. With the help of experienced mentors, you will gain valuable insights, strategies, and techniques that have been perfected through their expertise. Unlike learning on your own, coaching focuses on improving specific areas based on your strengths and weaknesses, which accelerates your progress.

Valorant training plans provide a structured learning environment where coaches analyze your gameplay, identify areas for growth, and give you actionable feedback. This targeted approach helps you develop your skills, overcome obstacles, and advance quickly.

Coaching goes beyond just mechanical skills and also helps you understand game mechanics, map control, team dynamics, and decision-making. With this knowledge, you will become adaptable and strategic, allowing you to thrive in various gaming scenarios.

Ultimately, investing in a Valorant training plan gives you the tools and guidance necessary to excel in the competitive landscape of Valorant. Whether you want to climb the ranks or simply improve your gaming proficiency, a coaching plan is a smart investment in your gaming journey.

Is Valorant Coaching gonna help me?

Valorant Coaching provides personalized guidance based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. An experienced coach acts as your mentor, offering valuable insights, strategies, and techniques learned through practice. Whether you're new to the game and want to learn the basics or a seasoned player looking to improve advanced tactics, coaching helps you enhance your skills and reach new heights.

Coaches analyze your gameplay in one-on-one sessions, identifying areas where you can improve and giving you helpful feedback. They simplify complex situations, teach effective communication methods, and help you develop the right mindset for success. With each session, you not only improve your mechanical abilities but also gain a deeper understanding of game mechanics, map control, teamwork, and decision-making.

Who do you work with to complete any Valorant service?

We are proud to work with a team of professional Radiant and Immortal players for our Valorant services. These players have demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise in the game, achieving high ranks themselves, most playing since the Beta.

Our selection process includes thorough evaluations to ensure that the Valorant boosters we work with meet our standards for fairness, high-level gameplay, and helpful attitude. Our priority is to allow you to have a balanced dose of learning, fun, and achieving what you set out to do.  

We've played with every single pro in a Valorant Elo boosting setting. We do this to ensure they're not just great Valorant players but also someone to have fun with. Regardless of the region or the type of service, our roster is made up of individuals who care about the game as well as the challenge set before them.

Why should I trust BlazingBoost for a Valorant carry service?

We have been in business since 2012, developing the quality and reputation of our boosting services. Our main goal is to provide the best possible customer satisfaction, reflected by 34,000+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Trusting us for your Valorant coaching needs ensures reliability, expertise, and personalized attention. With a team of seasoned coaches, BlazingBoost offers tailored guidance to suit your specific requirements, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player. Our coaches bring invaluable insights, honed through experience, enabling you to refine your skills and elevate your gameplay effectively. BlazingBoost's commitment to excellence is reflected in their one-on-one sessions, where coaches analyze your gameplay, identify areas for improvement, and provide constructive feedback. Additionally, our dedication to professionalism and customer satisfaction ensures a positive and rewarding coaching experience, making them a trusted choice for your Valorant coaching service. 

Additionally, As such, you can always count on the following:

- A smooth and premium Valorant boosting experience
- 24/7/365 provided by our Discord and Live Chat support team
- Hundreds of boosters at your disposal
- Consumer legal rights respected
- Cheat-free services
- Internal loyalty program