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Why Blazingboost for your Elden Ring services?

Easy and Clean Refund Policy

We want you to shop with a peace of mind.

If you are unhappy about your assigned player or anything goes wrong, we will always refund or compensate you according to the case.

If the order has not been set up yet, you can ask for your money back. You are in control.

Strong Entry Barrier For Our Players

Our recruitment team is ran by professional players who play at a high level.

It is not very easy to join our roster, and to stay in it. We test our players quite often.

This guarantees a high quality of service, as we want to serve our customers with the best players the market has to offer.

Real Focus on Account Safety

We are obsessed in ensuring your account is as safe as possible, always. It's our #1 priority.

Our pros are screened. We check their gameplay and routinely test them. We take all possible measures to ensure there is no cheating, hacks, or exploits of any kind.

More Info

About our Elden Ring Boost services:


Released in early 2022, Elden Ring is the latest and greatest in Fromsoftware's long line of excruciatingly difficult Thirt Person Action RPGs. Being the newest addition to the Soulsborne style of games that its older brothers Dark Souls, Demon Souls & Bloodborne first laid the foundations of, Elden Ring had quite the deep boots to fill - and oh boy, did it fill them.


Taking the world by storm, Elden Ring quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed titles ever released, selling millions of copies even before the game released thanks to its unstoppable hype train, the likes of which have not been seen in gaming since, save for maybe its recently released 'Shadow of the Erdtree' expansion.


Apart from being absolutely massive, Elden Ring improved upon a lot of the key concepts and mechanics that made Fromsoft's previous titles as iconic as they were, including adding a jumping mechanic, mount riding, much more verticality in its terrain design, a combination of both the more slow-paced style of gameplay Dark Souls fans were familiar with and the quicker, snappier gameplay Bloodborne had, alongside a slew of other changes.


But one thing Elden Ring kept completely unchanged was the core of what made Soulsborne games so great: their unrelenting difficulty. Elden Ring is an extremely hard game, with one notorious boss having slain more than 329 million people during the first few months after the game's release alone. Coupled with its extreme build varieties, Elden Ring can be quite the tough game to wrap your head around, especially for players new to the franchise.


Why should I buy an Elden Ring Boost?


Our services are tailor-made for both fellow Soulsborne enthusiasts and new players alike; we offer ways to make your time in the Lands Between more enjoyable by skipping certain parts of the game that can take a lot of time, energy, or nerves to get done. Extremely difficult bosses can eat up your time, as can farming runes or crafting materials, or getting all the different Armor sets and Talismans in the game. More often than not, these result in some heavy duty grinding, and a huge time investment.


This goes double now that the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has launched, which is both sprawling and much more difficult than the base game. Which is why we're here to help you make the most of your time in the Lands Between through our Elden Ring Boost services!


If you've got any questions or need any help setting your service up, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support Team through the little Live Chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.



What is an Elden Ring Boost?

Being a massive, sprawling, and excruciatingly difficult game, Elden Ring is chock full of places you can get stuck, items you might miss, and obstacles that require more than mere luck or skill to overcome. Depending on your goals in the Lands Between, getting the best experience can also involve a heavy time investment, especially if you're looking to reach the higher levels, or max out all the gear in your inventory, or obtain every item in the game.

That's why our Elden Ring Boost services are specially crafted to offer you a chance to get the best experience possible without investing an absurd amount of time. Be it by getting some Runes, Item Drops or Boss Kills, or even a helping hand through our Play with a Pro services, we're here to make sure you can enjoy Elden Ring as much as we do.

What kind of things can I get by buying an Elden Ring Boost?

Pretty much anything in the entire game, DLC included! We offer a wide range of services covering everything and anything Elden Ring. Want to fill out your inventory without needing to run through three NG+ cycles? Maybe you'd like to level a new character from the start, or gear them out without having to complete the whole game, whatever it is, we can get it done. Here's just a few of the services we offer:

  • Rune Dropping, from 50 million all the way up to 2 billion runes!
  • Item Drops for any item in the game, including the DLC (apart from Smithing Stones & Bell Bearings, which can only be dropped if you're using Seamless Co-op on PC).
  • Boss Kills for any boss, on any NG cycle, both for the base game and Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

And much, much more! We also offer custom Service Requests in case you want something not listed on the site. You can get one of those set up through our Customer Support teams on Discord or Live Chat.

Can I buy services for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

Of course! We provide all of our standard services for the Shadow of the Erdtree as well. To see them, all you need to do is click the 'Shadow of the Erdtree' category on the bar at the top of the page.

Is getting an Elden Ring boost cheating?

No, all of our services are either entirely ToS compliant, or otherwise cannot result in any sort of ban or suspension. Since all of our services are either completed by having our boosters farm the necessary runes or items by hand, or obtain them by way of ToS-friendly duping, your account will be completely safe when buying from us.

Here at BlazingBoost, we are 100% commited towards customer safety, satisfaction and enjoyment, which is why all of our boosters are thoroughly vetted before they can take even a single order. Beyond that, we make sure all of their services are done in ways that do not have even the slightest chance of putting your account at risk.

How do I know that your services aren't a scam?

BlazingBoost has been around since all the way back in 2012, more than 12 years at this point - that alone should tell you we're serious about staying at the top of our game and maintaining our reputation as a safe, affordable and customer friendly organization. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction, which you can see in effect through our 35.000+ 5/5 star reviewed Trust Pilot page.

Beyond that, you can always count on the fact that we'll always provide:

  • 24/7 Customer Support through Live Chat and Discord
  • The best prices on the market
  • Absolute dedication towards the safety of your account, and having your order completed as quickly as possible
  • Adherence to Consumer Rights
  • Services done legitimately, without any cheating or risky actions.

You can rest assured that no matter what, we're here to make sure your time with us is a good one.

What are some of the requirements for buying an Elden Ring Boost?

Generally speaking, the only thing you truly need to buy our services is the base game (and the DLC if you're looking for a Shadow of the Erdtree service), a stable Internet connection and no ongoing bans / suspensions.

After purchasing, you'll be instructed to contact our Elden Ring Boosts Discord channel (blazingboosteldenring), where we'll set your service up.

If your service is to be done in Selfplay, you'll be put into a Discord group chat with your assigned booster, who will then instruct you how to set a World Password through which he can join your game to complete your service. Services such as Item / Rune trading, Play with a Pro and Selfplay Boss Kills are done in this manner.

If your service involves account sharing, you'll be asked to provide your login details, information regarding which platform you're on, which character you'd like us to use etc., after which your assigned booster will log in and complete your order.

Keep in mind, we'll give you constant updates throughout the process over on Discord, and if any questions come up at any point, you can reach out to us at any time both on Discord and through LiveChat.

Why do you recommend using the Seamless Co-op Mod for PC orders?

The Seamless Co-op Mod is a revolutionary third-party Elden Ring mod that completely opens the world up for full, consistent Co-op, removing fog walls and allowing phantoms all of the beneifts a solo player would have, including being able to rest at and activate sites of grace, to fast travel anywhere, at any time during a session, remain in the session even after they die or beat a boss, etc.

Seamless also makes trading services much easier, as it allows us to trade you normally restricted items such as Bell Bearings and Smithing Stones. Beyond that, almost 80% of the PC playerbase is on Seamless Co-op anyway, so you'll have more people to play with if you get the mod.