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What is Arenas Placements Boost?

Arenas Placements are the first 10 matches you play in Ranked Arenas. To understand their importance, we first need to know what MMR is. Ranked Arenas features two separate measures of your skill: 

  1. Your rank, which is your visible skill rating (Bronze, Silver, Gold.., and all the way up to Predator, just like the BR ranking system). 
  2. An underlying MMR (matchmaking rating) score, a number that is invisible to everyone. This is the number that Apex SBMM is using to determine against who you should be matched in Ranked Arenas. 

Your performance over these 10 matches will determine your initial MMR and your starting rank. MMR variance is wider initially, so these first 10 matches might be stomp-or-get-stomped until your MMR settles more. Once completed, you’ll be placed in your starting rank and will gain more AP for wins than you lose for losses. 

This bonus AP will start to shrink as you play more matches and your rank converges with your MMR. The idea is that by the end of the season, your rank should be pretty accurate to your actual skill in relation to everyone else who played that season. So, getting a good starting rank from these placements will help you a lot in Ranked Arenas!

Why should I buy Arenas Placements Boost?

You should buy it because our pros will get you a better rank! To get the best possible rank, we need as many wins as possible. We need to have a certain skill for keeping a winning streak. Winning more placement matches will bring you a better Rank!

Why is it difficult to get Arenas Placements?

It’s difficult to get it because it requires a certain skill that we need for keeping a winning streak. Ranked Arenas requires a good amount of skill and communication with your teammates. Apex Legends is a team-based game so it’s very important to have good teammates who are willing to communicate. 


You should also have a good aim and good movement, you have to know the weapons, know when and how to reposition, and of course, you should know the abilities of your legends and know how to make the best use of their abilities.