WoW Classic Preorders

If the price will go down for any reason, we will refund you the difference in credit on the website. Preorder anything you need for Classic and prepare for a LIFETIME experience.

When Classic will be launched, not all raids or dungeons will be available. Battlegruonds won't be in the game either. We will sell everything when the time comes!

  • Master Loot Runs in Dungeons and Raids

    Imagine 4 level 60s clearing Deadmines for you in 10 minutes and gearing you up! Or all Molten Core loot traded to you.

  • Hourly Farming packages

    What about a level 60 completing long quest chains with you? Quests experience is not reduced.

  • Materials for Professions

    Would you like all the materials to FULLY level up your Engineering, Cooking or more? We're here.

  • Enchants

    Do you remember Crusader? Fiery Fire? They are yours. Save gold for your Epic mount!

and more to come!

These boosts will be completable 1-5 weeks into Classic release.

100% SAFE
  • The booster will make an account in you name and surname
  • He will prepare a character for your according to your request
  • We send it to your account

Level 60 Warlock with BIS gear from dungeons

Level 40 Mage to start playing with a mount

Level 60 Rogue with full 300 Engineering

Level 19-29... etc of your favorite twink with BIS items + Engineering.

Extra options available!
  • Epic Mount
  • Express Delivery

Works like our live 'Order a Character' service!

  • Leveling
  • Professions
  • Dungeons
  • Weapon Skills
  • Raids
  • Specific Items. Tidal Charm!?
More to come!

BlazingBoost will protect you as much as possible. However, we don't know Blizzard's stance on piloted services yet and this can cause a suspension on your Classic or even on your Live account.

We will be 100% transparent with you on the topic. We will never lie to you, and we will always offer you alternatives to get the same result but with 0 risks. (Selfplay services for example)


We expect Gold to have a lot of attention from Blizzard.

We have no idea how hard they will hit anyone who buys gold. It is not our intention to sell a service that leads to a high ban risk. Therefore, we might find alternative ways instead of pure gold selling. We will see which options are available and what the market will offer. Stay tuned!

We perfectly know that by not pushing the gold market on the website we will lose a HUGE amount of customers; however, TRANSPARENCY and SAFETY are more important than instant profit. The customer comes first.