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Uldir - BFA New Raid

With a VIP run, you will receive loot from other raiders who are not saved and who can trade you gear as they have a higher item level. These runs happen less frequently and cost more.

October 21
October 22
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No Ban Guarantee

No Ban Guarantee:

We value every single customer as a lifetime customer. We have always sold services and performed them in ways that do not let you risk your account. If you follow our instructions, it is impossible to get banned.


General Policy

We chose to take additional focus into our prices. We want to be the only place where every customer would like to purchase any WoW service, maintaining customer satisfaction and the best protection. It would be easy to abuse bots / hacks / cheats and offer lower prices, but that’s not the way we do business. We value every single customer as a lifetime customer. Your account and your satisfaction are the biggest priority for us.

Accounts / Characters

Thanks to our policies and prices, we guarantee characters and accounts for a lifetime; if anything goes wrong, even if beyond our control, we will always compensate you with another one for free at OUR cost. Your satisfaction is our primary priority.

PVP prices

We decided to be as competitive as possible with prices while guaranteeing you top protection and quality in the market. Wintrading, hacking or abusing bugs WILL get you banned at some point - this is why we will never use cheap boosting methods. The best example of our business mindset is Safecarry.

Moreover, prices are regularly updated according to the inflation and deflation of ratings during the season. If you find a price that is not clear to you, we can discuss it together.

Raids Runs Prices

Prices will be updated week after week. The easier a content gets, the cheaper it will get. No service will be forgotten.


Throughout the years, we were able to build a real dream team regarding any farming service. No bots - cheap prices - very fast delivery. As our farmers gain expertise with the farming services, the price goes down!

Live Calendar! know when your run will take place before purchasing

Every PvP season we do better!

Focus on
self play
Do I risk Anything?

Do I risk Anything

OUR PROTECTION IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED - With a PvP boost, you will always keep statistics, achievements, Elite gear, Enchants, Tabards even if you are disqualified. In the rare case of a disqualification from Gladiator and Rank 1 titles, BlazingBoost will always compensate you thanks to our very detailed Terms of Service. No one has completed as many boosts as we have - we are ready for everything to make you happy due to our experience. We are proudly the website with the lowest disqualification rate on the market. Our employees keep experiencing and testing the safest ways to get a PvP boost and we regularly invest on our safety systems to maintain their success rate as high as possible.

3% of anything you pay is always turned into CREDIT on the website for future discounts!


Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

BlazingBoost has built its reputation by selling hundreds of WoW characters and accounts that exceed consumer expectations for quality and safety. Our biggest and most incredible focus is doing EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to avoid any kind of fraud - our account/character sellers sign a legal contract with us. In case you encounter any problem you are not at fault for, we will always give you a similar character free of charge, or a full Blazing Points refund (which you can use to purchase any other service on the website) even after years. We love being honest with our customers and we did experience EXTREMELY rare cases of character owners trying to breach the contract! We took legal action against them and kept our word with customers.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

After delivering your character or account, our job is not over. We make sure you have access to what you have bought at all times in order for everything to flow correctly. Purchasing a character or account will definitely give you a lot of Blazing Points (3% of what you pay is always converted into a discount for the future) and many customers decide to get boosted on their newly purchased toon. We will advise you on how to keep a low profile and point out the most appropriate boost.. We're here for you!

Customisable Accounts

Customisable Accounts

Thanks to the boosting industry we have more contacts than ANYONE ELSE in WoW. This allows us to hunt for any kind of character / account that fits your requirements. Once you make a request, our agents will ask thousands of contacts to try and find a character that matches your request. This feature is totally free of charge and we will focus on it the best we can.

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