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Notorious for their gruesome difficulty and sprawling worlds, all of Fromsoft’s games take a hefty helping of skill to play properly, that is, without getting stuck for hours on a single boss just barely getting caught on every almost-pixel-perfect roll. Being the latest of their hilariously difficult Souls-like games, Elden Ring has perhaps the most opportunities for one to get trapped in an angry loop of spawning, running to the fog wall, dying, spawning, running to the fog wall, again, again and again. Considering bosses like Maliketh, Godskin Duo or Melania, it's no wonder why so many people have a tough time tackling some of Elden Ring’s hardest content.

And learning to beat those bosses can be twice as tricky. Flashy moves, delayed swings, gimmicky attacks and next to no time to react can be quite overwhelming for a lot of players.

And PvP is no better. In fact, it's arguably even more difficult! PvP in soulslike games is bar none some of the most tryhard there is, and Elden Ring is probably the sweatiest out of all of it's peers, with so many intricate little maneuvers, build variations and configurations that it would take me ten hours to list even a chunk of them here. Suffice it to say, be it in the Arena or Invasions, PvP is no joke!

All of this can very easily look overwhelming to a lot of players. But worry not, we’re here to help!

Through our Elden Ring Coaching services, you’ll be able to get firsthand knowledge from some of the best Tarnished in the Lands Between; the types of people you’d see killing Malenia with punches, while naked, at level 1. With their guidance, you’ll get all the knowledge, skills and style you’ll ever need. And best of all, it sticks! Once you learn all the ins and outs of Elden Ring, you’ll be rolling through all of it's content without even breaking a sweat. Trust us, they’re that good. And soon, you’ll be too.



Is Elden Ring tough for beginners?

Out of all the Souls games to date, Elden Ring is perhaps the most accommodating to new players, so long as you keep in mind that difficulty and persistence are key elements of the genre. Though it won’t hold your hand, it won’t quite chop it off like Dark Souls I through III or Bloodborne would.

Is Elden Ring hard to learn?

It somewhat is. Just like all other Souls games, Elden Ring is a game of persistence: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

It may seem difficult and disorienting at first, but once everything comes together, the game truly opens up into the vast, wonderful world that it contains. Of course, ‘hard’ is a matter of perspective. Some bits are harder than others, like Bosses or PvP, though with the help of our Pros, even those will seem easy after they’re through with you.

What are the benefits of Elden Ring Coaching?

Simply put, our Elden Ring Coaching services will have you matched up with an elite player well-versed in all things Elden Ring, someone who knows the game inside and out, and who will help you learn some of the tougher parts that you may be having trouble with.

From killing Margit to winning in the Arena, to even completing certain complicated Quetslines, our Coaches are here to teach you everything and anything you could ever need!

How do Elden Ring Coaching services work?

After you get matched with your Coach, you’ll be put into direct contact through a Discord Converence where you’ll be able to schedule your sessions and plan out all the things you’d like to learn accroring to your own preferences.

After that, and depending on your extra option choices, you’ll either be streaming for them while receiving guidance and commentary, or you’ll play alongside them. Coaching services are on hourly rates, meaning you’ll be purchasing a set amount of hours during which you’ll be getting coached.