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Being a game with hundreds of builds and twice as many weapons to choose from, Elden Ring is packed with player choice and customization in regards to one’s playstyle. Be it by swinging around huge swords or slinging flashy spells, Elden Ring’s got something for everyone!

However, to really be able to enjoy all your build has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade all your gear, and upgrading all your gear can cost a hefty amount of currency.

Although Elden Ring Currency might not look too tough to farm up, it can quickly become very annoying, especially if you’re juggling several builds or end up dying randomly with a ton of runes on you. Smithing stones get very expensive very fast, and if you’ve gone through most of the bosses in the game, getting your hands on big piles of runes can be a real slog.

So instead of AFK trapping invaders or killing those three gargoyles in Deeproot Depths over and over, let us do the grinding for you! With our Elden Ring Currency services, gone are the days of grinding runes and smithing stones, so fill your pockets fast with no more than ten clicks.




What are Elden Ring Runes?

Runes are Elden Ring’s primary currency. They are tiny fragments of the Elden Ring shattered across the Lands Between, and can be found in all of its inhabitants, and their pockets. Runes are used for pretty much everything in Elden Ring, from leveling up to upgrading your gear, purchasing weapons, armor, consumables and upgrade materials.

What are upgrade materials?

Elden Ring Currency can technically be split into two categories, Runes and Upgrade Materials, since both get used to upgrade your weapons / catalysts. Smithing Stones are the primary upgrade material in Elden Ring, and are necessary to increase the power of your equipment. While they can be purchased using runes after you collect all the different Bell Bearings at the end of the game, they can still be difficult to buy in bulk due to being very expensive.