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After taking the world by storm with its unmatched hype, Elden Ring has quickly become the most well known and played Fromsoft / Soulslike game, amassing millions of players across it's lifespan. With it's first big DLC looming on the horizon, Elden Ring’s meteoric rise is soon set to continue. And just like all of Fromsoft’s other titles, Elden Ring is notorious for it's difficult encounters, skill-intensive gameplay and unforgiving nature

Elden Ring Bosses and the word “difficult” practically go hand in hand. Even the very first ‘true’ boss most players fight, Margit, the Fell Omen, is widely known for wiping the floor with fresh new Tarnished. And our boy Margit isn’t even all that difficult when compared to some of the real reality checks Elden Ring can throw at you whenever you’re feeling a little too good about your progress, such as Malenia, the Godskin Duo or other equally challenging bosses.

Worst of all, some of the best gear and most fun weapons in the game are locked behind killing said bosses, meaning that if you can’t take them down, you’re just plain out of luck. Either you’ll have to buckle down and use Spirit Bells and similar cheese, or spend hours meticulously learning every pixel of that Waterfowl Dance’s hitbox.

Or, you can let us lend a helping hand! Stuck on Melania? Let us solo her! Grinding your teeth with the Godskin Duo? [Insert foreskin joke here]!

No need to break your controller over some nasty old Elden Ring Bosses, not when we’ve got something to say about it! 



What is an Elden Ring Boss?

Elden Ring Bosses are powerful enemies that have huge health pools, unique movesets and are usually encountered freely roaming the overworld, or at the end of Elden Ring’s various dungeons.

While you can technically beat the game by only killing 8 out of Elden Ring’s 238 bosses, you’d definitely be missing out on some of the best content in the game if you skip what can be considered the “optional” bosses of Elden Ring.

What Rewards come from killing an Elden Ring Boss?

Almost all Elden Ring bosses drop one or more precious items, including rare upgrade materials, weapons, talismans, armor sets. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that you’ll get a ton of Runes for felling some of the game’s more difficult bosses. This goes double for the few “main” bosses, such as Godfrey or Maliketh, who are mandatory for progressing the game.

How hard is it to kill all the Elden Ring Bosses at a low level?

In one word: Very. Bosses in Elden Ring don’t have ‘scaling’ like some others do; their health pools, damage and movesets stay the same regardless of your level, meaning that if you end up going to a more difficult area while underleveled, you can expect to get oneshot by almost all of their attacks.

Irregardless of level, many of Elden Ring’s bosses require a lot of skill, patience and perfect timing to bring down, and being underleveled just makes the whole thing that much tougher!