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When it comes to Retail, the skill level of our players is divided into the following brackets: "Rank 1", "Tournament Player", "Celebrity Pro".
In TBC we divide our players into "Elite" or "Elite Pro". We specifically look at TBC performance and rating experience, and we give less relevance to Retail Arena experience.
A Tournament Player in Shadowlands may not be as good in TBC arenas, but it's also undeniable that a great Retail Arena player will certainly be super competent and always provide a great service, even in TBC as most of them have been playing the game for long enough to adapt quickly!


What happens after the purchase?

As soon as your order is assigned, we will create a group conference on Discord with your coach, and for us to do that we need you to add us at "BlazingBoost Classic#4507" on Discord.
We will be in touch with you!

Is it hard to offer Coaching services for TBC?

It's very hard, but you came to the right place! If the service is available for your realm/faction, it means a coach has posted availability for it from his panel in the last 5 days. Our goal is to make every service is available on every single realm and faction of course! However, if there are no coaches available, you should see a specific warning and an extra policy to agree with. 

Can the coach be unavailable?

To be perfectly honest, this can be the case. If it happens, we will have 3 days to find someone new or we will offer you a full cash refund and potential compensations for the future. No worries though as we safely cover a lot of realms!

Who am I going to play with?

You will be paired with PvPers who have extensive proven experience in TBC such as Multi-Gladiator or Rank 1, or players who have already worked with us on Retail for a long time. In general, our TBC boosters are either trusted players that were sent to level on your realm, or strong PvPers that we recruited in game or from private TBC realms.