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Helldivers 2 comes equipped with tons of different missions and mission types. No mission is ever the same as they make great use of procedural generation to make every mission map feel unique and play differently. Missions are your main form of progression as completing missions gives you XP, Requisitions and War Medals. All three of them are crucial to how you advance in the game, allowing you to unlock new stratagems and abilities. While completing missions you also have a good chance of coming across samples. Based on the difficulty you choose there can be three types of samples that spawn on the map, Common, Rare and Super Samples. 



How many difficulties are there to choose in the game?

There are currently a total of nine difficulty levels in Helldivers 2. Mission completions on different difficulties offer additional potential benefits as well as risks. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards, going all the way up to a 250% increase in XP and Requisition gains, as well as a higher amount of War Medals Earned per mission completion. Higher difficulties also tend to spawn more and different samples. The most amount of samples can be spawned on Helldive difficulty missions.

What are the difficulties and how do you unlock them?

Current difficulties that are available in the game are as follows:

  1. Trivial
  2. Easy
  3. Medium
  4. Challenging
  5. Hard
  6. Extreme
  7. Suicide Mission
  8. Impossible
  9. Helldive

To unlock the next difficulty, you first need to clear a full operation on your current difficulty. Operations consist of missions, it can be anywhere from one mission per operation, to three missions per operation. This number once again depends on the difficulty you play on

What is the difference between mission sets and mission completions?

Mission sets are aimed at completing full operations at your desired difficulty. They guarantee that all the available nodes within a single operation will be completed, potentially unlocking new difficulties for you as well as maximizing your War Medal gains.

On the other hand with regular mission completions, you are not guaranteed that the missions will be completed within the same operation. This is more aimed at farming some currency quickly, mainly XP and Requisitions.